Physical Therapist Assistant

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon graduation from the physical therapist assistant program, the student will be prepared to:
  1. Sit for the Physical Therapist Assistant National Licensure Exam
  2. Perform physical therapy in a variety of patient care settings under the supervision of a physical therapist (PT)

  3. Obtain employment as a health care professional

  4. Demonstrate professional behaviors including responsibility, compassion, respect, effective communication and ethical standards

Program Outcomes

Graduates of the Physical Therapist Assistant Program are expected to meet the following criteria:
  1. Recognize and practice within ethical standards

  2. Understand theory and principles as a foundation for implementing treatment plans

  3. Provide appropriate, effective and quality patient care within the scope of physical therapy practice and the scope of PTA boundaries

  4. Deliver therapy services in a caring and compassionate way

  5. Recognize differing value systems and show a respect for those differences in patients/families

  6. Understand the values of the profession and make a commitment to life-long learning and development of professional abilities

  7. Communicate effectively with persons of diverse levels of understanding, and provide accurate documentation and written communication

  8. Function as a team member and participate effectively in the team process

  9. Demonstrate independent analytical and critical thinking skills, capable of appropriate decision making

  10. Respond to changes in health care delivery systems and recognize the PTA’s role in effective use of resources and prioritizing services

Student Outcomes

Year of Graduation Number of Applications Received Total Number of Applicants Accepted (1) Number of Students Matriculated (2) Graduation Rate Licensure Exam Pass Rate (3) Percent of Graduates Employed Within 6 Months Average Hourly Income at 6 Months (4)
2012 85 18 16 93.7% 100% 100% $22.19
2013 72 22 16 87.5% 92.8% 100% $23.38
2014 84 29 24 100% 100% 100% $23.06

(1) Number of applicants who were offered a place in the class (some may not have enrolled).
(2) Applicants who were offered a place in the class who enrolled and began the program.
(3) Pass rate is based on the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy data.
(4) Graduate survey data.

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