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The SFCC Career & Student Employment Center

We provide a comprehensive network of services for students, including job information to students seeking general placement. Detailed current job listings are published on the Internet. Graduates can search the Internet for jobs related to their field of study. On campus, recruiting and interviews are coordinated with employers. Handouts are available on resume writing, cover letters, interviewing, and job searches. An annual Career Fair is hosted to give students the opportunity to meet with employers and explore the different fields available to them. For more information contact: at (509) 533-3540, Bldg. 17, Room 226.

Work Study

Federal and state work study employment is offered to students who qualify for financial aid. Work Study is integral to the student’s education while attending classes to enhance their career development. Students are offered work study as part of their financial aid award based on their need and timeliness of application. Employment opportunities are available to students on and off-campus in both profit and non-profit organizations. Some students may work on-campus in different departments on Institutional, Athletic, Associated Student Government, or Work Grant programs without financial aid eligibility requirements. For more information contact: at (509) 533-3540, Bldg. 17, Room 226.

Student Employment Job Listings

Students, graduates or alumni who have registered with the Student Employment Center can be notified of full-time openings in their field of study.  All services are free and available on a drop-in basis.  Please call (509) 533-3540 for information. Once you have registered with the Student Employment Center, you may browse the Student Employment web site.

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