Spanish Club

Statement of Purpose

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The purposes of the Spanish Club are:

  1. To build a strong and thriving Spanish Club at Spokane Falls Community College;
  2. To promote the cultures and traditions of Spanish-speaking peoples;
  3. To assist students at Spokane Falls Community College in the learning of the Spanish language;
  4. To participate in activities within the surrounding communities that are related to the cultures and traditions of Spanish-speaking peoples;
  5. To host events and activities that assist students to learn more about the cultures of the Spanish-speaking peoples and issues that relate to them.

These shall be accomplished through various activities including, but not limited to: film showings; the celebration holidays of Spanish-speaking peoples; Spanish conversation group; participation and support of the Intercultural Week celebration; sponsoring of guest speakers and/or performers, sponsoring of events related music, dance, and food of Spanish-speaking peoples.

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