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Meet the Senate

Steven Terrasas

Position: A.S. President
Email: aspres@sfcc.spokane.edu

Hello my name is Steven Terrasas. I am a second year Business Management student here at Spokane Falls. I joined the Associated Student Government mid-last year as a Senator, serving students by spreading awareness of the various resources, clubs and activities offered by Spokane Falls. I am now the ASG President, servant leader for my fellow students here to help usher students into their future careers.
Steven Terrasas

Gabrielle 'Gabby' Powers

Position: A.S. Academic Vice President
Email: acavp@sfcc.spokane.edu

Hi there! My name is Gabrielle Powers, but I go by Gabby. This will be my third year here at SFCC, and I am working on my art transfer degree. I plan to attend EWU after this year and major in Computer Science with a minor in 3D Animation. I started working in ASG in Spring 2013 as the treasurer and am now the Academics Vice President. It is my job and my goal to ensure that student voices are heard in the decision making processes on campus, and that students are aware of all the services and activities they have available to them. Let’s have a great year.

Sarah Brown

Position: A.S. Secretary
Email: assecy@sfcc.spokane.edu

Aloha students! My name is Sarah Brown and I hail from Hawaii. I am currently starting my second year here at Spokane Falls. I am currently going for my AA degree and then transferring to a four year university. This is my first year in ASG as the Secretary. The goal I would like to attain for ASG is to represent the student body to the best of my ability. Mahalo!
Sarah Brown

Hassantou 'Hana' Barry

Position: A.S. Treasurer
Email: astres@sfcc.spokane.edu

Hi, I am Hassanatou. Yes, I know that is a mouthful so you can call me Hana like my colleagues do! I am one of the two “token” international students in the ASG, and the one with a weird accent. I am from Guinea (W. Africa represent) I am in my first year in the ASG, SFCC and the USA! I am the Treasurer (I guess they thought the undecided major who runs her mouth on an economic issues and foreign affairs would be the perfect fit). I love being in the ASG and in the coming year would like to connect with as many students as possible and help if I can. I mean it! I don’t want to be the teacher who doesn’t leave the office! I am loving Washington and can’t wait to see the rest of the USA!
Hana Barry

Raymund 'Mo' Morales

Position: Director of Marketing
Email: actpio@sfcc.spokane.edu

Hi, my name is Raymund Morales but I go by “Mo.” This would be my first year in the ASG as the Director of Marketing. I am currently taking up my AAS in Photography. Hopefully this year I will be able to provide the student body with excellent and dynamic marketing for Campus Activities.

Mo Morales

Katie Saccomanno

Position: A.S. Senator #1
Email: senator1@sfcc.spokane.edu

My name is Katie, it’s my second year at the falls and I’m halfway through my AA degree. It’s my first year in ASG and I am the District 1 Senator which basically means I’m both the voice for ASG, and you, the student body. I would love to know as many of you as possible so I can represent you to the best of my abilities!
Katie Saccomanno

Jonathon 'Jon' Ohuche

Position: A.S. Senator #2
Email: senator2@sfcc.spokane.edu

Hello! My name is Jonathan Ohuche. I am a Senator for District Two in the Associate Student Government. I have been going to Spokane Falls Community College for two years. My major In college Is Literature. I desire to become a literary agent. This is my first year as a Senator and I strive to do my best. My job as a Senator is to oversee the buildings of Photography, Technical Arts, Music, and the Fine Arts building. I promote fun events and lectures around the campus. My goal is to get students involved, get to know me and count on me.
Jon Ohuche


Position: A.S. Senator #3
Email: senator3@sfcc.spokane.edu

Jigmed Tubtle

Position: A.S. Senator #4
Email: senator4@sfcc.spokane.edu

My name is Jigmed Tubtle and I am from Tibet. I am a second year education major in college and this is my second term in Associated Student Government as a Senator. Throughout the academic year I will be working effectively around district 4, which are buildings 18, 28, and 30. I love smiling and am passionate to serve students through a variety of campus activities. My goal is making efficient communication and providing the right information to students.
Jigmed Tubtle

Ashley Brown

Position: A.S. Club Representative
Email: ASClubRep@sfcc.spokane.edu

Hey y’all! My name is Ashley Brown. I am going into my first year of the Interpreter Training Program, for which I later plan on transferring into a four-year degree at EWU. For my ASG position I am acting as one of your club liaisons. I will be here to help with any questions, activities and resources as possible. My goal for the year is to get more of the clubs active on campus, to help clubs and their events to be as successful as possible, and to help bring out the student body’s voice.
Ashley Brown

Cassie Grauert-Nolan

Position: I.R.P. Club Representative
Email: IRPClubRep@sfcc.spokane.edu

Hi, my name is Cassie Grauert and this is my third year at SFCC and my first as an ASG Club Liaison. I spent my first two years earning my AAS in photography while holding the office of Photo Arts Club President. While in ASG I hope to get to know other clubs on campus. I look forward to working with and helping them however I can.

Miracle Jones

Position: Activities Vice President
Email: actvp@sfcc.spokane.edu

Hey friends! My name is Miracle Jones and this is my third term in student government. I am a psychology major with an emphasis in business and cultural studies. My ambition is to connect with you and gain an insight into what you want out of your experience here as well as in life. As Activities VP it is my personal duty to bring you great fun and entertainment, therefore ensuring that you receive the most from experience here at the Falls!
Miracle Jones

Bailey Terrasas

Position: Food Bank Director
Email: asfoodbank@sfcc.spokane.edu

My name is Bailey Terrasas, this is my second year at SFCC in the social services program. My future plan is to work for Child Protective Services or somewhere else in the foster system. I started ASG in Spring 2014 as a Senator and am now going to be serving as your Food Bank Director. My goal is to get students to come to the food bank and farmers market when they need it and make sure students know the Food Bank is a resource that is open to all.

Heather McKenzie-Waite

Position: Director of Student Funded Programs and Senate Advisor
Email: Heather.McKenzie@sfcc.spokane.edu

Kim Jones

Position: Senate Co-Advisor
Email: Kim.Jones@sfcc.spokane.edu


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