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Degree Audit is an online planning tool that allows you to view degree and certificate requirements. Audit results should be reviewed with an academic counselor or faculty academic consultant.

**Online degree audits are not an official evaluation of your progress toward degree completion**

A Degree Application should be submitted when you have completed 50% of your degree requirements. You will receive an official evaluation that will enable you to plan your remaining quarters. Application forms are available in the Admissions office, or download the online form. You can complete the form online; however, you must print and sign it, then turn it in at the Admissions Office or fax it to 509-533-3237.
  • Degree Audit is available daily from 6:00am to 11:00pm

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I understand the online degree audit is not official notification of my progress toward a SFCC degree or certificate.


You will need your Student Identification number (SID) and PIN to access the audit page.

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Faculty Academic Consultant

A secure login and password are required to use Degree Audit. If you have not yet attended a training session or previously requested Degree Audit access, please contact us.

Use the links below to logon to Degree Audit or to access the User Guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. The letter I received from the Graduation Office doesn't match the audit. Which one should I follow?

A. Once you apply for your degree and start receiving quarterly letters from the Graduation Evaluator, you should no longer consult Degree Audit for degree status information. Information received from the Graduation Office is your official notification.

Q. Can I view my placement test results?

A. Yes. Once you logon to the audit site you will find a Tab called "Test Scores". If you have taken any placement tests the information will appear under this tab.

Q. The requirements for my degree have changed since I started the program. How does the audit know which catalog year requirements I am following?

A. Degree Audit always uses the current catalog year requirements. If you are eligible to complete a degree under previous year's requirements you should either consult with your program advisor or submit a degree application to determine your degree status.

Q. Why isn't the audit using credits from other colleges I attended?

A. At this time only transfer courses in Math, English, Biology and Psychology will appear in the audit. Our goal is to enter all transfer credits for students that have filed their degree paperwork; however, due to budget and staffing limitations that is not possible at this time.

A degree evaluation from the Graduation Office will include all transfer coursework. If you are transferring a significant number of credits you are strongly encouraged to submit a degree application four weeks into your first quarter.

Students who attended other Washington State Community Colleges will likely see all of their transfer credit in the audit. Washington Community Colleges adopted a common course numbering system and send transcripts electronically which allows us to transition the coursework into our system with ease.

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If you are having difficulty accessing degree audit, or have questions, please contact us using the form in this link. Information on the FAQ page may answer your question, so please check there before submitting this form.

Instructions: Provide all information requested & submit form. You will be contacted by email within 3 business days.

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