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SFCC Campus Map

Student Services - Building 17
Admissions/Registration/Cashiers - Financial Aid/Employment - College Store/Cafeteria

Building Legend

  • 2 Library
  • 5 Humanities (Spartan Playhouse)
  • 6 Fine Arts
  • 7 Gymnasium and Fitness Center
  • 9 Lodge
  • 10 Maintenance
  • 11 Photography
  • 13 Physical Education Annex/Stadium
  • 15 Music/Performing Arts
  • 16 Human Services/Early Learning Center
  • 17 Student Union Building (Student Services)
  • 18 Computing, Mathematics, Business Technology
  • 19 Technical Arts
  • 23 Storage
  • 24 sn-w'ey'-mn (Business, Social Science)
  • 25 Baseball
  • 26 Drama Storage
  • 27 MagnusonC
  • 28 Science
  • 29 Early Learning Center
  • 30 Falls Gateway
  • 31 Future Softball

Campus Parking

  • Student - Available in most lots
  • Visitor - Paid meter or permit
  • F Faculty
  • M Motorcycle
  • D Disability
  • PM Parking Meter
  • PK Parking Kiosk (cash day permit)
  • Emergency Phone
  • Crisis Response Box
  • Smoking Area

Campus Safety: (509) 533-3333

From Interstate 90 West (West Plains)

Take Exit 277A—the Garden Springs exit. Go straight ahead about 3/4 of a mile and follow the curve over the freeway to the stop sign at Sunset Blvd. Turn right on Sunset Blvd. Go down the hill until you come to the stoplight. This is the intersection of Sunset Blvd. and Government Way. Turn left onto Government Way. Proceed on Government Way approximately 2 miles to the stoplight at Fort George Wright Drive; turn right. The SFCC campus is on the left about a half mile.

From Interstate 90 East (Spokane Valley)

Take Exit 280A—the Maple Street exit. At the stoplight turn right onto Walnut Street. Get into the left hand lane. Turn left onto Second Avenue (the second stoplight after turning onto Walnut) and proceed past the Rosauer’s store on the right. Get in the right-hand lane. Proceed across the bridge to Sunset Blvd. At the next stoplight turn right onto Government Way. Proceed on Government Way approximately 2 miles north to the stoplight at Fort George Wright Drive. Turn right onto Fort George Wright Drive. The SFCC campus is on the left about a half mile.

From Highway 395 or Highway 2 North

At the "Y" turn right onto Country Homes Blvd. Proceed on Country Homes Blvd. until it comes to Francis Avenue where Country Homes Blvd becomes Ash Street. Continue south on Ash Street until you reach Northwest Blvd. Turn right (west) on Northwest Blvd and proceed about a mile. Turn left onto T.J. Meenach Drive. Proceed down the hill across the bridge and then up the next hill. At the top of the hill you can see Spokane Falls Community College to your right.

From Highway 195 South

Just past the flashing yellow light (Thorpe Road) there will be a green sign for 16th Avenue. Turn left onto 16th and stay on the main road, which heads west for a few blocks, then makes a sharp right curve heading north. After about four or five blocks you will come to a stop sign; proceed straight (north). As you cross over the freeway, the street name becomes Government Way. Proceed straight through the stop light at the intersection of Sunset Blvd. and Government Way. Proceed on Government Way approximately 2 miles north to the stoplight at Fort George Wright Drive; turn right. The SFCC campus is on the left about a half mile.

From SCC to SFCC

Go South on Greene Street until you get to Mission Street. Take a right on Mission and continue across town. Mission turns into Maxwell; then Maxwell curves north and turns into Pettet Drive. Come down Pettet Drive until you pass under the T.J. Meenach Bridge. Turn right at the entrance ramp onto the T.J. Meenach Bridge. Proceed across the bridge and go up the hill staying in the right hand lane. At the top of the hill you can see Spokane Falls Community College to your right.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Fines for infractions have significantly increased beginning Fall 2010. Please familiarize yourself with SFCC's parking regulations which are strictly enforced!

Campus Parking

Anyone parking on campus is required to either park at a paid meter or must have a current permit clearly displayed. Meters are located in lots P-3, P-4, P-6, P-7, P-9 near Bldg 18, P-20 (Magnuson) and along Elliott street parallel to Building 6. These meters allow for up to 2 hours of parking, at the rate of $0.50/hour. Daily visitor permits are available for purchase in the P-9 or P-3 parking kiosks, the cashier’s office, or the campus bookstore. Day permits are $3.00 and allow the holder to park in Student or Faculty parking spaces.

Parking Permits

Parking your vehicle on campus requires the purchase of a parking permit. Permits may be purchased daily, quarterly or annually from the Cashiers, located on the lower concourse of the Student Union Building. Day permits are also available in the bookstore, or from the kiosk machines located in lots P-3 or P-9. A parking permit is required for all class days and hours that occur from 6:30 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday-Friday.

Note that obtaining a parking permit does not guarantee the holder a parking space. Students are encouraged to use alternative transportation. Spokane Transit Authority provides several bus routes to campus at all hours classes are offered.

Parking Lot near Bldg. 18

Consult our Campus Map for lots designated for student parking. Disability parking for permanent or temporary disability is available. SFCC enforces its Vehicle and Parking Regulations; violations will incur fines.

Lost or Stolen Permits

Theft or loss of a parking permit should be reported to campus security promptly upon discovery. The permit must be replaced; a replacement fee will be assessed. Recovered lost or stolen permits should be returned to the Cashiers Office immediately. Use of a reported lost or stolen permit may result in a fine, towing and impoundment of vehicle, and revocation of parking privileges.

Visitor Parking

There is 30-minute visitor parking available in parking lot P1 on the South side of the SFCC Campus. It is located on the North side of the lot, closest to Building 30.

Bus Routes to SFCC

Spokane Transit Authority buses arrive and depart the campuses on a half-hour basis during the day and every hour during the evening. At SFCC, bus schedules are available in the Student Union Building and in the Administration Building.

You can travel to SFCC from any STA bus route. All buses connect downtown at the STA Plaza where passengers can transfer to route 20, serving SFCC.

For help planning your ride or schedule information call 328-RIDE or TDD 456-4327.


Interested in carpooling? Visit the Rideshare page for more information.

Bus Routes to SFCC

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To help you find a carpool partner, you can use Rideshare, a free computerized matching service offered by Spokane County. Rideshare will compare your information with others to find a carpool, vanpool, walking or bicycling partner. This service is completely confidential.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do students or staff have the first two weeks of the quarter or is there any grace period to buy their parking permits?

A. A valid CCS permit is required for all vehicles parked on campus, that are not parked at a paid meter. (WAC 132Q-20-240). Just a reminder, quarterly parking permits are available for sale up to six weeks prior to the beginning of the quarter.

Q. Can I park my vehicle at the meters?

A. Yes, metered parking is available to anyone who wishes to park there, as long as the meter is paid.

Q. What should I do if my permit is not in the vehicle I parked on campus?

A. If you have a permit, but do not have it with you, the Office of Campus Safety may issue a temporary pass, or you can park at a paid meter for up to two hours, or purchase a day pass in the cashier's office, bookstore, or kiosk in P-9.

Q. Can I back into a parking space or park against the flow of traffic?

A. No, all vehicles must follow all traffic markings. In spaces that are marked for diagonal parking, vehicles are to be parked at a 45-degree angle, facing inward. (WAC 132Q-20-140)

Q. Can students ever park in faculty parking?

A. Yes, students may use faculty parking on a first-come basis after 5:00 PM (WAC 132Q-20-150) or during any time with a current disability placard or "D" sticker and a CCS student permit.

Q. If I receive a parking citation and want to dispute the citation, what can I do?

A. Students, employees and guests can appeal a citation by going to the Parking Appeals website listed on the back of the citation.

Q. If I have a group of people I am inviting onto campus for an event, how do they get a parking pass?

  1. The inviting entity can buy day passes in bulk for distribution.
  2. The CCS employee coordinating the event may contact their department's Administrative Assistant to request an electronic parking pass.
  3. They may park at a paid meter.
  4. The individual guests or vendors may purchase day passes, available in the SFCC bookstore, cashier's office or in the kiosk located in P-9.
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