Social Sciences Department

Sociology is one of the most popular courses across the nation's campuses. That's no real surprise. Sociologists have chosen to study a most intriguing and complex subject--the human being. Sociology aspires to be an unbiased look at what humans hope, dream and value.

Students in this field study the family, religions, education, economics and government. They examine deviant behavior; race and ethnic relations; gender and age differences; socialization; social stratification; and the mentality of crowds.

Sociology can be the foundation for such varied fields as teaching and law, social work and business. Demography, which is the study of the composition and change of a population, is another field for the sociologist.

SFCC's sociology classes include an introductory course focusing on institutions, cultures and society; a class in the sociology of marriage, the family and human sexual interaction; the sociology of race and ethnic relations; the sociology of crime and justice, and periodically a class in the sociology of religions.