Life Sciences Department

Students interested in the Physical Therapist Assistant Program or the Occupational Therapy Program will find information at their websites.

Mission Statement

The Life Sciences Department mission is:

  1. To provide a diversified academic program for biological literacy that will serve students with a breadth of interests.
  2. To provide a resource and service to the greater educational community and the general community.
  3. To provide an environment for continued professional development of its faculty.

The Department seeks to contribute to the intellectual growth of students by developing biological literacy, developing skills in scientific reasoning, and teaching the manipulative skills of biology. Students from the department traditionally continue their education by transferring to other colleges or universities. The department offers courses serving students who plan careers in specific areas of biological sciences, in allied health professions, or to meet the general education science requirement for graduation. Such courses include offerings in biology, botany, zoology, ecology, nutrition, human anatomy and physiology, paleontology, and microbiology. Departmental faculty provide counseling and advising for students with career interests in life sciences as well as advising for general liberal arts curricula.

Life Sciences faculty also provide service to the community by participating in community based educational programs, professional certification, and volunteer social programs. These services include workshops, special lectures, K through 12 school presentations, programs in social service related areas, and by serving as advisors on boards of directors of civic organizations.

Life Sciences Faculty maintain active involvement in their disciplines. This commitment provides faculty the opportunity to continue professional development in their respective fields and to enhance the life science curricula.