Education Premajor

Three Education courses are recommended for Education Premajors:

  • EDUC& 202 - Introduction to Education (5 Cr)
  • EDUC& 205 - Introduction to Education with Field Experience (5 Cr)
  • EDUC 206 - Tutor Training (1 Cr)

Additional Education courses available are listed below. Click on the links below for course description and current class schedule.

All course offerings are subject to change. The college cannot guarantee class offerings, designated times or specific instructors - as funding levels and student interest may affect whether or not an offering is available.
Class Credits
EDUC 100Exploring Teaching 5.0
EDUC& 115Child Development 5.0
EDUC& 130Guiding Behavior 3.0
EDUC& 136School-Age Care 3.0
EDUC& 150Child, Family, Community 3.0
EDUC& 202Intro to Education 5.0
EDUC& 204Exceptional Child 5.0
EDUC 252Social/Emotional Development 5.0
EDUC 270Introduction to Developmental Disabilities 5.0
EDUC 275Learning Disabilities 5.0
EDUC 280Behavior/Classroom Management 5.0
EDUC 281Education/Special Education Practicum I 5.0
EDUC 282Education/Special Education Practicum II 5.0