Library and Information Services

Financing Your Education

Patrons studying in a law library College Credit for Library Work Experience

Are you a current or recent library employee? Would you like to receive college credit for your library work experience? Students in the degree program at SFCC can submit documentation to the Library and Information Services program administrator to determine how much library work experience can be substituted for coursework. This may reduce time spent in class and reduce your total tuition costs as well! Students must be enrolled in the Library and Information Services program at SFCC. All requests must be approved by the program administrator and the SFCC registrar.

Tuition Waivers - Washington State Employees

Are you a Washington State Employee? Take advantage of the Washington State Employee tuition waiver.

Scholarships and Assistance for Library-related Education and Training

Many libraries and state library associations offer scholarships and tuition assistance for current library employees to further their education. Visit the American Library Association or the Library Associations websites for information about scholarships available through them.

Hope and Lifelong Tax Credit

If you do not qualify for financial aid, you may qualify for the Hope and Lifelong Learning Tax Credit.

Tuition Waivers - Senior Waivers

If you are 60 years of age or older and a Washington resident, you could qualify for the Senior Tuition Waiver.

SFCC Scholarship Search

Locate scholarships or other forms of tuition assistance with our Scholarship Search.

Worker Retraining Financial Assistance

This initiative helps unemployed Washington State workers retrain and enter the workforce.

Work Study Financial Aid

This program assists with tuition, books, childcare fees, and other expenses for eligible students by providing employment opportunities.

Tuition Assistance for Veterans/GI Bill Information

If you are a veteran, you may qualify for tuition assistance.