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FAQs: General Information

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General Information

What type of student typically joins this program?
Although our program and courses appeal to a wide cross-section of people, we have found common characteristics among the students who want to be Interior Designers. Many students say they’ve “always had a knack for design.” These students often have some experience either in their own homes or already have a job in the industry. Our program also attracts students who are artistically creative. Interior Design is one industry in which artists and aesthetically/visually oriented people can make a living. We also have students join our program who love hands-on projects. With the “do-it-yourself” TV programs and expanded home improvement centers, many students are attracted to the aspect of building and constructing themselves.

What skills/abilities would be helpful coming into the program?
Although we have had students enter our program lacking most of the basic skills listed here, the more abilities students have the more they will enjoy their time at SFCC.
Basic computer skills and experience with researching a wide range of subjects will help you immeasurably in this program. Being able to think conceptually as an individual, as well as being able to follow precise directions, will prove to be helpful as well. By far the most valuable asset students need to succeed in this program and as Interior Designers is the ability to work well with diverse groups of people. From working with fellow students on partner projects in the classroom to servicing a wide variety of clients, from receiving critiques from instructors to communicating with architects and installers, mastering interpersonal communications is essential!

What services/tools are available to students?
Within our program, students will be exposed to a variety of industry services, tools and materials. Most classes require students to pay a lab fee, which helps pay for the replenishing and maintenance of these items. During a student’s time at SFCC, we will provide drafting tables, parallel bars, a blueprint machine and blueprint paper, an 18 X 24 photo copier and paper, paper cutters, mat cutters, a light table, a lettering machine, computers and printers in our computer lab, including internet access, and specialized industry computer programs, including AutoCAD (Computer Aided Design). Students also have an extensive materials/samples library at their disposal, as well as a great selection of current interior design magazines and publications.

What supplies should I buy? Is this an expensive program?
Every class you take at SFCC will require you to purchase a certain set of supplies (pencils, papers, cutting implements, etc.), and many classes include a textbook and/or workbook as part of the required materials. Materials costs can range between $5-$150 depending on the class. Beyond the required class materials, it would be wise to try to purchase a drafting table and parallel bar, portfolio case, and a mat cutter.

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