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Information Systems & Computer Science Department

Faculty contact information is listed below. Select the faculty email link to send an email. The globe icon Globe Icon identifies faculty web sites. Click the globe to visit the site.

Web Faculty/Staff Phone Office Email
  Brady, Jim; Dean of Computing Math and Science (509) 533-3680 18-110B
Computer Science/Information Systems Internet Server Josquin, Max; Instructor (Department Chair) (509) 533-3796 018-0112C
  Kuespert, Coulette; Administrative Assistant (509) 533-3660 018-0110
Computer Science/Information Systems Lecoq, Paul; Instructor (509) 533-3793 18-129A
Computer Science/Information Systems Mill, John; Instructor (509) 533-3839 18-106
  Nabors, Dorian; Secretary Senior (509) 533-4321 28-123
  Neufville, Mark; Instructor (509) 533-3244 18-125
  Nielsen, Brady; Instructor (509) 533-3434 18-112A
Computer Science/Information Systems Udlock, Rick; Instructor (509) 533-3795 18-112H
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