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Information Systems & Computer Science Department

The Information Systems & Computer Science Department at Spokane Falls maintains multiple missions:

  1. Provide transfer capability for students who want to major in computer science, computer engineering, computer information systems or management information systems. Please visit our Academic/Transfer web site for more information about the Computer Science degree programs and Computer Science Courses.
  2. Provide vocational Information Systems options, including several short-term certificates.

Information Systems Programs

SFCC offers the following standard two-year (six-quarter) AAS Degree program:

Two short-term certificate programs are offered as "add-ons" to other AAS programs or for retraining, quick re-entry into the workforce. For requirements and course information, check out the individual certificate programs:

All course offerings are subject to change. The college cannot guarantee class offerings, designated times or specific instructors - as funding levels and student interest may affect whether or not an offering is available.

Click on the course title to view the course description.

Class Credits

Recommended Computer Science Courses

Class Credits
CS 101 Computer Literacy 5
CS 121 UNIX/Linux 3
CS 223 Programming for IT 5

Information Systems Courses

Faculty contact information is listed below. Select the faculty email link to send an email. The globe icon Globe Icon identifies faculty web sites. Click the globe to visit the site.

Web Faculty/Staff Phone Office Email
  Brady, Jim; Dean of Computing Math and Science (509) 533-3680 18-110B Jim.Brady@sfcc.spokane.edu
Computer Science/Information Systems Internet Server
Josquin, Max; Instructor (Department Chair) (509) 533-3796 18-112C Max.Josquin@sfcc.spokane.edu
  Kuespert, Coulette; Administrative Assistant (509) 533-3660 18-110 Coulette.Kuespert@sfcc.spokane.edu
Computer Science/Information Systems Lecoq, Paul; Instructor (509) 533-3793 18-129A Paul.Lecoq@sfcc.spokane.edu
Computer Science/Information Systems Mill, John; Instructor (509) 533-3839 18-106 John.Mill@sfcc.spokane.edu
  Neufville, Mark; Instructor (509) 533-3244 18-125 Mark.Neufville@sfcc.spokane.edu
  Nielsen, Brady; Instructor (509) 533-3434 18-112A Brady.Nielsen@sfcc.spokane.edu
Computer Science/Information Systems Townsend, Kris; Instructor (509) 533-3246 18-112C Kris.Townsend@sfcc.spokane.edu
Computer Science/Information Systems Udlock, Rick; Instructor (509) 533-3795 18-112H Rick.Udlock@sfcc.spokane.edu
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MSDN Academic Alliance Software Center

Anyone may browse the Academic Alliance site to view a complete list of software available for individual use. However, you must be an SFCC student enrolled in either computer science or information systems classes to initialize a download. Your Program Administrator, currently Max Josquin, will have registered you in the System and you will have received a login name and password via email. Use this to login to the System.

You get software from this center in just four easy steps.

  1. Login to the System
  2. Select Software
  3. Select Delivery Option
  4. Obtain and Install Software

If you encounter any difficulties, contact Max Josquin: Max.Josquin@sfcc.spokane.edu or (509) 533-3796.

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