Social Services

What is this field like?

Today's social problems continue to increase. As a result, private and government agencies prefer to hire "paraprofessionals" trained in the social services to assist social workers and other professionals in serving the public. Paraprofessionals work with all age groups --- children to senior citizens. And they work in a variety of settings --- neighborhood centers, child protective agencies, work release facilities and group homes. Without paraprofessionals, many needs would go unmet. The social service field attracts people who have an ability to empathize with others and who have a desire to help.

What programs does Spokane Falls Community College offer?

SFCC's paraprofessional program offers a two-year associate in applied science (A.A.S.) degree. The two-year A.A.S. degree option prepares a student for work as a paraprofessional in a human services or social services agency. Paraprofessionals assist with case management, field visitations, referrals and/ or intake interviews. If an A.A.S. graduate chooses to continue his or her education, most, if not all, credits are transferable, depending upon the college or university and the major that student is pursuing.

What courses will I take?

Students pursuing the transferable A.A.S. degree take courses in interpersonal communication, introduction to human services, group effectiveness, counseling techniques, social police, treatment theories and business math skills. In addition, they take courses in family protective services, English composition, first aid and a variety of electives tailored to their career interest. Students are also required to complete 400 hours of practicum training, providing students with on-the-job training in their area of interest.

Where will I find a job?

Graduates from SFCC's social services programs traditionally find employment with a wide variety of public or private agencies, including:

  • group homes for elderly or adolescent citizens
  • neighborhood centers
  • alcohol, drug and chemical dependency treatment centers
  • job search agendas
  • school districts
  • hospitals

How much will I earn?

Graduates with the A.A.S. degree may start at minimum wage and may earn over $25 an hour or $35,000-$40,000 a year.

For more information contact:

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