Graphic Design

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Web Faculty/Staff Phone Office Email
  Crabtree, Doug; Graphic Design Instructor (509) 533-3717 19-223 Doug.Crabtree@sfcc.spokane.edu
  Heidle, Carl; Graphic and Interior Design Instructor (509) 533-4181 19-216A Carl.Heidle@sfcc.spokane.edu
  Kaminski, Richard; Graphic Design Instructor (509) 533-4181 19-216A Richard.Kaminski2@sfcc.spokane.edu
  Lonchar, Mickey; Graphic Design Instructor (509) 533-3715 19-227 Mickey.Lonchar@sfcc.spokane.edu
  Roys, June; Graphic Design Instructor (509) 533-3425 19-221 June.Roys@sfcc.spokane.edu
Faculty Website Stemkoski, Ryan; Graphic Design Instructor (509) 533-3425 19-202 Ryan.Stemkoski@sfcc.spokane.edu
Graphic and Web Design Stiles, Greg (Gregory); Graphic Design Instructor (509) 533-3708 19-229 Greg.Stiles@sfcc.spokane.edu
Faculty Website Wimmer, Alicia; Instructor, Graphic Design (509) 533-4181 19-216A Alicia.Wimmer@sfcc.spokane.edu
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