Early Childhood Education

A.A.S. Degree

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The early childhood education program provides experiences in educational theory in the areas of social, emotional, cognitive, physical/motor and creative development for children from birth through age 8. Courses also are available for caregivers of school-age children, ages 5 through 14 years. Now that ongoing research reveals the significance of early development, professional preparation has become essential for anyone pursuing a career in the education and care of young children.

An associate in applied science degree and a 59-60 credit certificate and certificates of specialization (20-27 credits) options are available. The A.A.S. degree and certificates prepare students for employment. The certificates provide students with core early childhood courses and can be applied directly to the A.A.S. degree.

Students working toward the associate of arts degree for transfer to a four-year college or university should follow A.A. degree guidelines and consult individually with an early childhood education advisor or counselor for planning the appropriate courses for this major.

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