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Business Technology

Computer Application (CAPPS)

Knowing software applications is the number one computer skill businesses ask graduates to possess. You can learn new skills, or update your current knowledge.

CAPPS Manuals

Software classes are offered at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. Students can learn the application at their own pace in a variety of teaching and learning formats.

Please contact a faculty member for help in selecting classes that are right for you.

Click on the course title to view the course description and class schedule for the current quarter.

Class Credits
CAPPS 100Beginning Computer Skills 2.0
CAPPS 102Introduction to Office 1.0
CAPPS 104Beginning Windows Operating System 1.0
CAPPS 141Word I 2.0
CAPPS 142Word II 2.0
CAPPS 151Excel I 2.0
CAPPS 152Excel II 2.0
CAPPS 161Access I 2.0
CAPPS 162Access II 2.0
CAPPS 171PowerPoint I 2.0
CAPPS 172PowerPoint II 2.0
CAPPS 180Outlook 2.0
CAPPS 241Word III 2.0
CAPPS 242Word IV 2.0
CAPPS 251Excel III 2.0
CAPPS 252Excel IV 2.0
CAPPS 261Access III 2.0
CAPPS 262Access IV 2.0
CAPPS 271PowerPoint III 2.0
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