Business Technology

Courses Offered

Online Courses

BT 100, BT 101, BT 102, BT 103, BT 107, and BT 272 are periodically offered as online courses, signified by "Arranged" or "ARR" in the scheulde days/times. Click on the course title to view the course description and class schedule for the current quarter. Contact a BT instructor for more information.

All course offerings are subject to change. The college cannot guarantee class offerings, designated times or specific instructors - as funding levels and student interest may affect whether or not an offering is available.
Class Credits
BT 100Beginning Keyboarding 1.0
BT 101Keyboarding 5.0
BT 102Document Processing 5.0
BT 103Formatting 5.0
BT 107Business Communications 5.0
BT 108Business Communications 3.0
BT 121Office Procedures Update 1.0-3.0
BT 123Written Communication Skills Update 1.0-3.0
BT 124Office Automation Update 1.0-3.0
BT 127Human Relations and Professional Development 1.0-3.0
BT 155Records Information Management 3.0
BT 160Job Preparation Techniques 3.0
BT 172Publisher 2.0
BT 196Skillbuilding 1.0
BT 197Skillbuilding 1.0
BT 199Skillbuilding 1.0
BT 201Information Processing 5.0
BT 231Office Procedures 5.0
BT 232Office Procedures II 5.0
BT 234Administrative Professional Practicum 5.0
BT 235Machine Transcription 5.0
BT 236Virtual Business Practice 5.0
BT 255Business Productivity Tools 3.0
BT 257Presentation Graphics/Publishing 5.0
BT 258Desktop Publishing 5.0
BT 260Administrative Office Management 5.0
BT 263Integrated Office Applications 5.0
BT 272Business Correspondence 5.0
BT 285Administrative Professional Internship 2.0-3.0