Student Funded Programs

Our mission is simple:

To provide for student programs, activities and events which complement academic and instructional programs and enhance the SFCC students' overall educational experience, through exposure to and participation in educational, cultural, social, recreational and leadership related activities.

Student Transitions Office

Services Information on all student activities, lost and found, and Building 17 locker rooms.
Location Bldg. 17, Student Union Building, Main Concourse, Room 117
Hours View Hours of Operation
Telephone Student Transitions Office: (509) 533-3553

Student Funded Programs Office

Services Associated Student Government, Associated Student Activities, Clubs, and Organizations.
Location Bldg. 17, Student Union Building, Main Concourse, Room 135
Hours View Hours of Operation
Telephone Director of Student Programs: (509) 533-4197
Student Government: (509) 533-4196

All students may participate and become members of any campus club. Associated Student (A.S.) Clubs reflect the diverse interests of SFCC Students. Instructionally Related Programs (I.R.P.) clubs are differentiated from A.S. clubs by incorporating ANY of the following three criteria into their Constitution and/or Statement of Purpose:

  • Competition
  • Performance
  • Serving a public relations function for SFCC and/or District 17.

Click on the club title for a description and recent photos. Or contact Student Funded Programs at (509) 553-3338 or the Director of Student Funded Programs at 533-4197 for more information.

Club Name Type Advisor Phone Email
Addiction Studies Club A.S. Carlene Dvoracek 533-3626 Carla.Dvoracek@sfcc.spokane.edu
Alliance Club A.S. TBD
Anime Club A.S. Yasuka Huff 533-3367 Yasuka.Huff@sfcc.spokane.edu
Applied Technology Club A.S. Kris Townsend 533-3246 Kris.Townsend@sfcc.spokane.edu
Armed Forces Veteran's Association A.S. Britni Weaver 533-3767 Britni.Weaver@sfcc.spokane.edu
Art Club A.S. Carl Richardson 533-3714 Carl.Richardson@sfcc.spokane.edu
Art Gallery I.R.P. Tom O'Day 533-3746 Tom.ODay@sfcc.spokane.edu
Associated Women Students A.S. Kellie Fischer 533-3199 Kellie.Fischer@sfcc.spokane.edu
Astronomy Club A.S. John Whitmer 533-3673 John.Whitmer@sfcc.spokane.edu
Beta Gamma Kappa I.R.P. Elodie Goodman 533-3892 Elodie.Goodman@sfcc.spokane.edu
Black Student Union A.S. Carl Richardson 533-3714 Carl.Richardson@sfcc.spokane.edu
Cheer Squad A.S. Carol Dyksterhuis 533-3636 Carol.Dyksterhuis@sfcc.spokane.edu
Chinese Language & Culture A.S. Gloria Guo 533-3701 Gloria.Guo@sfcc.spokane.edu
Choral Music I.R.P. Nathan Lansing 533-3721 Nathan.Lansing@sfcc.spokane.edu
Communicator I.R.P. Jason Nix 533-4185 Jason.Nix@sfcc.spokane.edu
Creative Writing A.S. Erin Toungate 533-4186 Erin.Toungate@sfcc.spokane.edu
Dance Club A.S. Carol Dyksterhuis 533-3636 Carol.Dyksterhuis@sfcc.spokane.edu
Early Learning Center/Club A.S. Bobbi Woodral 533-3623 Bobbi.Woodral@scc.spokane.edu
Engineering Club I.R.P. Mark Gorski 533-3250 Mark.Gorski@sfcc.spokane.edu
Falls Christian Fellowship A.S. Stormy Kurtz 533-3171 Stormy.Kurtz@sfcc.spokane.edu
Far East Coast Club A.S. Gloria Guo 533-3701 Gloria.Guo@sfcc.spokane.edu
French Club A.S. Elodie Goodman 533-3892 Elodie.Goodman@sfcc.spokane.edu
Gamers Club A.S. Barb Hahto 533-3524 Barb.Hahto@sfcc.spokane.edu
Graphic Design Club I.R.P. Carl Heidle Carl.Heidle@sfcc.spokane.edu
Health & Fitness Club A.S. Travis Warner 533-4105 Travis.Warner@sfcc.spokane.edu
Interior Design Club A.S. Margot Casstevens 533-3705 Margot.Casstevens@sfcc.spokane.edu
International Club A.S. TBD
Interpreter Training Program Club A.S. TBD
Japanese Club A.S. Yasuka Huff 533-3367 Yasuka.Huff@sfcc.spokane.edu
Jazz Presents A.S. Pam Meyer 533-3741 Pam.Meyer@sfcc.spokane.edu
Journalism A.S. Jason Nix 533-4185 Jason.Nix@sfcc.spokane.edu
LDSSA Club A.S. Cameron McCormick 533-3629 Cameron.McCormick@sfcc.spokane.edu
LUA Club A.S. Cynthia Vigil 533-3405 Cynthia.Vigil@sfcc.spokane.edu
Orchestra I.R.P. Shelley Rotz 533-3769 Shelley.Rotz@sfcc.spokane.edu
Photo Arts Club I.R.P. Erik Sohner 533-3832 Erik.Sohner@sfcc.spokane.edu
Physical Therapy Assistant Club I.R.P. Renee Compton 279-6245 Renee.Compton@sfcc.spokane.edu
Psychology Club A.S. TBD
Recreation Society I.R.P. Carol Dyksterhuis 533-3636 Carol.Dyksterhuis@sfcc.spokane.edu
Red Nations Club A.S. Pam Austin 533-3546 Pam.Austin@sfcc.spokane.edu
Revelers Club I.R.P. Bill Marlowe 533-3592 Bill.Marlowe@sfcc.spokane.edu
Secular Club A.S. Sara Edlin-Marlowe 533-3222 Sara.Edlin@sfcc.spokane.edu
Service-Learning Club A.S. Darlene Rickett 533-3308 Darlene.Rickett@sfcc.spokane.edu
SOTA Club A.S. Sunny Anderson 279-6094 Sunny.Anderson@sfcc.spokane.edu
Spanish Club A.S. Gabriel Valenzuela 533-3472 Gabriel.Valenzuela@sfcc.spokane.edu
Stage Band Combo I.R.P. Kevin Woods 533-3757 Kevin.Woods@sfcc.spokane.edu
Wellness Club A.S. Sheri Staudinger 533-3816 Sheri.Staudinger@sfcc.spokane.edu
Wire Harp - Creative Arts Magazine I.R.P. Doug Crabtree
Laura Read
Connie Scott

Location and Hours

Information: (509) 533-4198 or (509) 533-3553
Location: Bldg. 17, Room 139
(adjacent to the Senate Chambers)
Hours: Click to view hours of operation.


SFCC operates a food bank for students and their family or dependents. Our services provide needs for over 1,000 students per quarter. To avail yourself of this service, please ensure you meet the following requirements:

  • You must be currently enrolled at SFCC
  • You will need your current Student ID and one additional piece of identification verifying your address. Examples: Drivers License or State ID, SFCC student schedule, or a utility bill.
  • Complete or update your SFCC Food Bank application for the current academic year.
  • You may use the food bank up to three times per academic quarter.

We understand that not all households fit the above guidelines. You may explain your personal circumstances and we will work out an arrangement to fit your needs. We have an extensive list of city-wide resources available if we are unable to assist you.

Student Health Center

SFCC students have free access to a health clinic located at SCC. The health center provides SFCC students with all the services of an urgent care center including:

  • Flu shots
  • Vaccinations
  • Prescriptions
  • Physical exams
  • Testing and treatment for many common conditions such as strep throat

For more information, visit SCC's Student Health Center website.

Location and Hours

Location: Jenkins Wellness Center
Building 7 Room 118
MS 2075
Phone: (509) 533-8611
Hours: Fall through spring quarters when school is in session. Limited services summer quarter. Click to view Health Clinic hours of operation

SFCC students are offered a rare opportunity: They can do the writing, editing, photography and layout involved in publishing a student newspaper. The staff sees the production process through from beginning to end with the result being The Communicator. Staff members gain valuable experience for professional opportunities and also for the acquisition of skills that can be used in a variety of areas. Students may register for 1 to 5 credits. Visit Communicator Online!

Wire Harp Logo 2010/2011
Wire Harp Logo 2009/2010
Wire Harp 2011/2013 logo
The Wire Harp creative arts magazine, spokane falls community college logo
Black and white image of rocks sand and water

When The Tell Me It's Alzheimer's by Robin Golke

The drill bit is breaking & i have to make words of it

Your wedding band is cut from your delicate finger; they give you pills that make you shuffle & i have to make words of it

i'm searching with a seething rage that's male, hopeless, bare to the waist.

i'm as lost as you were when you kissed my dead father in his casket.

i've smashed every photo, burned everything i've ever written, spat at my graceful prose.

My confused tears fall on memories of you bathing me in the sink.

Gratefully, i would remove my own entrails & read their pearly scroll if only for an answer: why you mother?

You are vacuous, you leave me with clenched muscles. My two brothers fall away.

To read the current and past issues, please visit us online at graphicdesign.spokanefalls.edu/wireharp/index.htm

To pick up a print copy, visit various locations on campus, or the bookshelves in the study area in Building 24, near office 312.

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Pool Tables Arcade Games

SFCC Recreational Center

Our recreation center features a game room with billiards, table tennis and a video arcade. The center serves as a multi-purpose facility for events such as intercollegiate recreational competitions, high school senior parties and more.

The SFCC Recreation Center is located in the Main Concourse in the Student Union Building, Bldg. 17, Room 133.

Recreation Center Rentals

Have your next party or event at the SFCC Recreation Center! Private recreation parties may be arranged at special rates by calling (509) 533-4195.

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