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Student Government

6/4/2014 to 6/7/2014

Associated Student Government
Now hiring for the 2014-2015 academic year

Application for Student Government

Campus Photo The Spokane Falls Community College Associated Student Government exists to provide a forum for all students at SFCC. Organized as a Student Senate and Student Activities Board, it is formed on the democratic principles of our country.

This representative government makes decisions based on suggestions and input received from other students and knowledge gained from in-depth study of the issues they face. At Spokane Falls, Student Government is a dynamic group of students who are concerned with the quality of educational resources and student oriented activities available to their fellow students.

Student Government participants receive course credit.

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Meet the Activities Board

Miracle Jones

  Miracle Jones
Position: Activities Vice President
Email: actvp@spokanefalls.edu

Hey friends! My name is Miracle Jones and this is my third term in student government. I am a psychology major with an emphasis in business and cultural studies. My ambition is to connect with you and gain an insight into what you want out of your experience here as well as in life. As Activities VP it is my personal duty to bring you great fun and entertainment, therefore ensuring that you receive the most from experience here at the Falls!

Sarah Brown

  Sarah Brown
Position: Activities Board Secretary
Email: assecy@spokanefalls.edu

Aloha students! My name is Sarah Brown and I hail from Hawaii. I am currently starting my second year here at Spokane Falls. I am currently going for my AA degree and then transferring to a four year university. This is my first year in ASG as the Secretary. The goal I would like to attain for ASG is to represent the student body to the best of my ability. Mahalo!

Raymund 'Mo' Morales

  Mo Morales
Position: Activities Board Director of Marketing
Email: actpio@spokanefalls.edu

Hi, my name is Raymund Morales but I go by “Mo.” This would be my first year in the ASG as the Director of Marketing. I am currently taking up my AAS in Photography. Hopefully this year I will be able to provide the student body with excellent and dynamic marketing for Campus Activities.


Position: Comedy/Concerts Programmer
Email: prgconcert@spokanefalls.edu


Position: Lecture Programmer
Email: prglectr@spokanefalls.edu

Carla Eagleburger

  Carla Eagleburger
Position: Special Events Programmer
Email: prgevent@spokanefalls.edu

My name is Carla Eagleburger (yes, Eagleburger is my last name) and I am in my second year here at the Falls. I plan to complete my AA and transfer to EWU next school year. This will be my first year in ASG and I am ecstatic to be representing the student body. As the Special Events Programmer I want to bring activities and events that will help you enjoy your time here at SFCC while bringing you closer to your peers.

Wednesday Bassett

Position: Outdoor/Outreach Education Programmer
Email: outreach@spokanefalls.edu

Hello my name is Wednesday Bassett and I am your Outdoor/Outreach programmer. I am very excited to spend my last year at the SFCC being part of our Student Government. I can’t wait to start planning and see what this year has in store for us.

Ashley Brown

  Ashley Brown
Position: A.S. Club Representative
Email: asclubrep@spokanefalls.edu

Hey y’all! My name is Ashley Brown. I am going into my first year of the Interpreter Training Program, for which I later plan on transferring into a four-year degree at EWU. For my ASG position I am acting as one of your club liaisons. I will be here to help with any questions, activities and resources as possible. My goal for the year is to get more of the clubs active on campus, to help clubs and their events to be as successful as possible, and to help bring out the student body’s voice.

Cassie Grauert-Nolan

Position: I.R.P. Club Representative
Email: irpclubrep@spokanefalls.edu

Hi, my name is Cassie Grauert and this is my third year at SFCC and my first as an ASG Club Liaison. I spent my first two years earning my AAS in photography while holding the office of Photo Arts Club President. While in ASG I hope to get to know other clubs on campus. I look forward to working with and helping them however I can.

Heather McKenzie-Waite

Position: Director of Student Funded Programs and Senate Advisor
Email: Heather.McKenzie@sfcc.spokane.edu

Alicia Villa

  Alicia Villa
Position: Activities Co-Advisor
Email: Alicia.villa@spokanefalls.edu


Associated Students

All regularly enrolled students are members of The Associated Students Body of Spokane Falls Community College. The governing body for the Associated Students is the College Senate, a board consisting of elected officers, one elected faculty member, an appointed administrator, and the Associate Dean of Student Funded Programs. The planning and recommending arm of the Senate is the Activities Board which is comprised of the Student Activities Coordinator, Activities VP, student programmers, and a representative from each campus club.

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SFCC Joint S&A Fee Budget Committee (JSAFBC)

This college committee is comprised of seven (7) members with a majority of these members being students (4). This committee formulates specific budget guidelines for allocation and expenditure of student Services & Activities (S&A) fees, reviews individual program budgets & reallocation requests, and submits annual S&A budget requests to the college administration via the student Senate.

SFCC Technology Fee Budget Committee

This college committee is comprised of nine (9) members with a majority of these members being students (6). This committee formulates specific budget guidelines for allocation and expenditure of student Technology Fees, and submits annual Technology budget requests to the college administration via the student Senate.

SFCC Student Disciplinary Committee

This college committee is comprised of six (6) members with two (2) of the members being students (1 male & 1 female) appointed by the SFCC student Senate. Two (2) alternate students will also be designated. This committee will reexamine all disciplinary cases referred to it by the appropriate Vice President, or designee, in accordance with the Student Rights & Responsibilities Handbook.

SFCC Tenure Review Committees

These college committees are assembled to review the performance of all new SFCC instructors to insure quality instruction for our students. All new full-time academic instructors are put on a seven (7) quarter evaluation probation before the granting of tenure. Each tenure review committee will have one (1) student representative as a member.

SFCC Graduation Committee

This college committee is comprised of thirteen (13) members with two (2) of the members being student representatives (the Associated Men’s President & the Associated Women’s President). This committee develops the college graduation program for June of each year, including selection of the keynote speaker.

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