2013 Voters Guide

Associated Student Body President

Alicia Villa

Plans for next year: Run the ASG office more effectively and efficiently, focus on communication, relationships between staff and students, give the SFCC campus the drive they need to become successful.

Personality: Determined, Diligent, Driven

Academics Vice President

Crystal Aguilar

Plans for next year: Working hard for the students, personally becoming more involved with the campus, creating communication between the Administration and the Student Body, make all the voices heard, create a better understanding of the changes that are happening on the campus, better communication between the students, counselors and tutors, sustainability on campus.

Personality: Dedicated, Spontaneous, Reliable, Efficient

Activities Vice President

Juan Ramirez-Gonzalez

Plans for next year: Get students more involved in their student government, be more friendly to students, to make ASG more effective and informative.

Personality: Friendly, Approachable, Hardworking, Persistent, Loyal, Happy–Go-Lucky.

Warren Soco

Plans for next year: Utilize clubs in a more cooperative way, make events more beneficial by working together with the AS and IRP clubs, make students time here on campus more enjoyable and entertaining, help the students leave SFCC with memorable experiences.

Personality: Workaholic, Creative, Dependable, Adventurous, Selfless

Destiny Wallace

Plans for next year: To bring lots of fun events to the campus, to help the students by having informative events.

Personality: Fast learner, Reliable, Fun, FUNNY, funniest, has a great and large sense of humor so question? Why so serious????? Let's party and play while we get good grades!!! Spunky, hunky, and loves to get funky! Spontaneous, energetic, loving, determined, and would take the shirt off my back to lay over a puddle for any ol' lady or guy to cross the street!!! So much personality a bio cannot contain it within words so just do the smart thing and vote right and we can begin having fun tonight.