2014 Voters Guide

Associated Student Body President

Heather Noonan


"Hajimemashite (How do you do?). My name is Heather Noonan and I have been a student of SFCC since 2012. I hope to be an English as a Second Language High School Teacher when I finally complete my schooling. I love to help others and I seem to have a talent for it, as well as a thirst for knowledge and to see the unknown. I love art, Japanese culture, and just about anything I can build with my own hands. Some of my hobbies are writing, drawing, and sewing. I feel as if I am kind of a nerd between my love for technology and my comic books. I want to be president because I want to help my peers’ feelings of dissatisfaction and powerlessness with decisions made on SFCC Campus. I want to renew the vision some students have come to put on our campus. I want all of our students to be treated fairly and feel like they receive the power and respect that we deserve. My goal is to make sure students feel that they have received the services and education they paid for, plus more. I want to really reward students for their positive behavior and make our campus more of a community again. Please give me the privilege of being your voice on campus."

Steven Terrasas


I am Steven Terrasas Senator of district 2 of the associated student government here at Spokane Falls. It is my responsibility to represent the students and faculty of the Fine Arts, Photography, Music, and Professional/Technical Arts buildings (bldgs.. 6, 11, 15, 19). The Student Government makes decisions based off the suggestions and input received by the knowledge gained from the in depth study of the issues students face.

I am 24 years old, happily married to my beautiful wife Bailey and have a 4 yr. old son named Haiden and am expecting my second child due mid-August. I was born in Hayward, CA and grew up in Humboldt County. I have lived in Washington California, North Carolina, and even lived in Germany for approximately 2 years. I am currently working towards and A.A.S. degree and plan on pursuing an M.B.A. Before or upon leaving Spokane Falls I plan on leaving behind a class Legacy to be cherished by all future, past, and present students and faculty.

If you would like any information or need to address any issues or concerns please feel free to contact me at:
Phone: (509)533-3152
Email: senator2@sfcc.spokane.edu

Joseph Waner


My full name is Joseph Frank Allen Waner, and I am interested in becoming the next ASG SFCC President. The reason I feel I am qualified for this job is because I have served as a fire team leader in the US Army, and I would like to bring that work ethic and mentality to Spokane Falls Community College. My four goals if elected are to pursue a higher level of student safety, make sure students are informed about what is going on around campus, to make sure that the students are properly represented, and that the students of Spokane Falls Community College have access to any and all resources that they need to be successful while attending SFCC.

Academics Vice President

Gabrielle Powers


My name is Gabrielle “Gabby” Powers, and I am running for Academic Vice President. I am in my sixth quarter here at SFCC working on my AA Degree and aiming for 3D Animation; I hope to someday work for Dreamworks Animation.

I plan to make the students a greater part of the decision making processes here on campus. In order to achieve this I will bring more open forums for students to participate in, more surveys pertaining to student concerns, and make sure these concerns are voiced to the administration. I also hope to make students more aware of the activities and services that are available and funded by student money—I believe students should utilize these services to their fullest extent to get the greatest value for their dollar.

Activities Vice President

Miracle Jones


Hey Everyone my name is Miracle Jones and I am the current Food Bank Director on Campus. For the upcoming 2014-15 academic year, I am running for Activities Vice President and I would appreciate your vote because I am committed to supporting my fellow students and bringing more diversity and interaction to student life. I have over eight years of leadership experience as well as event coordination in addition to spending the last two years as Director of SFCC Food Bank. During my term, my ambition is to enhance your experience here at the Falls and ensure that you genuinely enjoy what events we have to offer. I love lasting memories as I hope you do too while you vote for me this coming election. Thanks for your time!