Disability Support Services

Meet the Staff

Angela Merritt, M.A., CRC, LMHC

  Manager of DSS. Provides overall direction to DSS. Counsels students on disability issues. Coordinates Americans with Disabilities Act issues for Spokane Falls Community College.

Office: 17-202
Phone: (509) 533-3437
Email: Angela.Merritt@spokanefalls.edu

Marti Breneman, M.A.C.I.

  Program Support Supervisor. Arranges accommodations with students and oversees operation of the Assistive Technology Center.

Office: 17-201
Phone: (509) 533-3544
Email: Marti.Breneman@spokanefalls.edu

Sheryl Birkett, NAD Certified

  Program Support Supervisor Hearing Impaired. Coordinates accommodations for deaf and hearing impaired, arranges for interpreters for deaf and assists in the development of taped media.

Office: 17-201
Phone: (509) 533-3543
Email: Sheryl.Birkett@spokanefalls.edu

Nancy Dvojack, B.S. Education

  Program Assistant. Arranges appointments, provides assistance to students in the Assistive Technology Center and general office support to staff.

Office: 17-201
Phone: (509) 533-4166
Email: Nancy.Dvojack@spokanefalls.edu