Disability Support Services

Admissions & Enrollment

What is the process for being admitted to Spokane Falls Community College?

All the information you need can be found on the Testing Center web site. To summarize: Fill out a college application form; pay the application fee and an assessment fee. You will be referred to the assessment office to take the Compass Assessment. The Compass Assessment is a multiple-choice computerized test that identifies what level of Reading, English and Math is the appropriate starting point for the student.

What if I can't take a computerized test?

In some cases computerized testing is not appropriate for a student with a disability, so the Disability Support Services (DSS) office provides individualized testing through the use of the Asset Assessment. If a student has a documented disability, a history of learning difficulties, or a suspicion that one may have a disability, s/he is welcome to come to the DSS office to discuss if a testing accommodation is appropriate.

What is the difference between the Compass and the Asset assessments?

The Compass Assessment is a computerized version of the assessment test. It tests three areas of learning: reading, writing and mathematics. The student answers questions until the computer measures a predetermined number of incorrect choices, at which point, it will end that particular testing section. This process will continue for all three sections of the test.

The Asset Assessment measures the same three areas of learning, but it is the more traditional paper and pencil test in which the student circles the answer on an answer sheet. Both tests meet standardized reliability and validity criteria, and identify the courses most appropriate for the student to take in regards to English and mathematics. The student will not be able to enroll in a course more advanced than that identified by the test as the appropriate level.