Is Running Start For You?

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What are possible limitations for the program?

  • Parents should take into consideration the maturity level of their student when deciding to participate in Running Start. Some students who are academically ready may find the independence and the speed of college classes overwhelming; they would benefit by remaining in high school classes.
  • Socialization may be an issue for some students. High schools provide social experiences and a social network for teenagers. This is not as available at the college.
  • SFCC operates on the quarter system. Many high schools operate on a semester system. Holidays and vacation periods may be different. Students are expected to attend classes at the college even though their high school is not in session.

What are some of the strengths of the program?
  • Students have the opportunity to take courses that may not be offered at their local high schools.
  • Students have an opportunity to experience college while in high school. This experience can be helpful in making the transition from home to college away from home.
  • Academically qualified students have an opportunity to take advanced level courses.
  • Students who find that the traditional high school is not fitting their needs often flourish in a different setting.
  • Students can earn up to two years of college credit getting a "running start" on college without tuition expense to the student.
  • Students may have the opportunity to take more elective classes than provided at the high school.

Contact Information

  • Contact your Running Start high school counselor at your student's school.
  • You may also contact Barb Hahto at SFCC:
    Phone: (509) 533-3524

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