Graduation Requirements

You may download a Degree Application (Adobe Acrobat Reader required).

Students who plan to receive a two-year degree or a one-year certificate must file a Petition for Graduation with the graduation evaluator. Signed applications should be turned in at the Admissions Office or faxed to (509) 533-3237.

Students should apply for a degree when they have completed 50% of the degree requirements. Filing a Petition for Graduation provides the student with the opportunity to review and check his or her degree or certificate requirements. It allows the student an opportunity to plan or change his or her course schedule to ensure completion of all requirements. It also ensures that all degrees/certificates earned will be correctly posted to the student's transcript.

Degrees/certificates will not be awarded if the student has not fulfilled all financial obligations to the college.

Degree Requirements

Check your program career guide for a requirements checklist.

A student is eligible to graduate either (1) by completing the degree requirements in effect at the time of initial enrollment within four academic calendar years, or (2) by completing the requirements in effect at the beginning of the last continuous (summer quarter excepted) enrollment or (3) by completing the most recent requirements in effect during the quarter of graduation.

A candidate for a degree may include courses newly approved to meet degree requirements even though the course approval comes after the credit has been earned.

In instances where changes in professional degrees and certificates make the above guidelines inappropriate, the respective division administrator, working with the individual student, shall determine which degree requirements to follow.