Unisex Restrooms

SFCC Campus Map
2. Library - Basement 0008   9. Institute for Extended Learning - 101A
5. Communications 155/156   11. Photography - 120K
6. Fine Arts - 133   15. Music/Performing Arts - 111
8. Science - 137/138, 144/145   17. Across from Student Employment & Career Center - 226
24. sn-w'ey'-mn - 234  

What is this for?

The Unisex Restroom Guide provides the locations of unisex restrooms on the SFCC campus. Its purpose is to allow all SFCC students, faculty, staff, and visitors to maintain their right to use restrooms in a safe and dignified manner regardless of their gender identity or expression.

Why unisex restrooms?

For many people who identify as transgender, the use of gender-specific restrooms can sometimes be accompanied by judgment, forced removal, or feelings of vulnerability. Single-occupancy and non-gendered unisex restrooms provide facilities that can be inclusive to all individuals, regardless of their gender identity or expression. The presence of single-occupancy and unisex restrooms may be of importance to those who are currently discovering their own gender identity, people with disabilities, and individuals with body-image issues as well.
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