Campus Art Tour

Washington State Arts Commission
Art in Public Places, In Partnership with Spokane Falls Community College

The Washington State Arts Commission's Art in Public Places Program facilitates the acquisition and placement of artwork in publicly accessible places throughout Washington State.
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Carolyn MacKay - Daisies on White Steven Karatzas - Einstein on the Beach Table Annie Han and Daniel Mihalyo - Wooden commemoration of Spokane signage Kurt Madison - Orion Deborah Giannini - Daisy Swarm Kelly McLain - Commerce Dick Ibach - Temptation at Shining Mountain Eugene Sturman - Sinope Crisis Jung Thomas Justad - Sticks and Stones Laurie Messchaert - Summer Rhythm Brian Goldbloom - Vagor III Roger Ralston - Caterpillar Boogie Woogie Annie Han and Daniel Mihalyo - Sign Post Thomas Lindsay - Prayer Wheel Series David Wilson - Blue Pool with Rushes

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