Veterans Services

VA Status Changes

Important! Notify the Office of Veterans Affairs on campus regarding any changes that may affect your VA status:
  • Add/drop classes. This may change your eligibility for benefits or cause you to owe a repayment of your benefits.
  • Stop attending class(es).
  • Change your program of study.
  • Change of address or phone number.

Change of Address

  1. Call the VA’s toll free number (888-442-4551) to verify that your new address is in their database.
  2. Notify the post office so they may forward your checks.
  3. Notify the SFCC VA Office: (509) 533-3504 or veteransoffice@sfcc.spokane.edu
  4. Change your SFCC student information online.

Know the Requirements for Your Program

You must apply for a specific educational program. The VA will pay only for courses required for graduation.
  • The SFCC Veterans Office will compare the classes you have enrolled in each quarter against the appropriate Program of Study
  • Substitute courses must be approved by your counselor/instructor and the dean of the specific division. Substitute forms are available in each dean’s office.
  • Repeat courses are not generally allowed, except for those passed with less than a 1.0 GPA. The exception is if the SFCC degree you are pursuing has a minimum GPA requirement for that particular course.
  • Counselor/faculty academic consultant error is not an acceptable reason for taking classes not applicable to your program

Transfer Students Need to Know

If you have attended another college or university request that your official transcripts be sent to the SFCC Office of Admissions. Please send your Official Transcripts to:

SFCC Admissions Office (MS3011)
3410 W Fort George Wright Dr.
Spokane, WA 99224-5288

Once transcripts have arrived, complete the following form and return to the Admissions Office, in Building 17, Lower Concourse, to ensure your previous college credits are evaluated and can be applied to your current degree program.

All students receiving VA education benefits must have an official evaluation completed when 30 credits are completed, no later than your third quarter at SFCC.

  • This ensures the courses you complete at SFCC will only apply towards the degree you are pursuing
  • This ensure you do not get paid for classes you have already taken at another institution

Benefits will not be processed after 30 credits without this evaluation.

Impact of Grades Earned on VA Benefits

  • Attend classes all quarter and earn a 2.0 GPA each quarter to remain in good standing with the VA.
  • W” or “Z” grades are considered non-punitive grades and will create a benefit overpayment, resulting in a VA debt.
  • 0.0 (failing) grades are considered punitive grades and may not result in an overpayment.
      • The VA will NOT create an overpayment if you continue to attend
    • If you stop attending classes – you will receive an overpayment, resulting in a VA debt

Visit SFCC’s Veterans Resource Center (VRC)!

Located in Building 2, Room 001, Hours: M-F 8:30AM – 2:30PM.

The VRC is the perfect place to get away from the crowds and have a quiet place to study, relax or visit with fellow veterans. Computers, comfortable couches and fresh coffee are available.

The VRC is staffed by a VetCorps member who is knowledgeable of ALL the local resources available for a veteran and their family. If you are facing eviction, utility shut-off notice, problems with faculty/staff/students on campus, getting connected with readjustment counselors and VA healthcare – you name it and VetCorps is available for you

Other resources and Key veteran contacts in the Spokane region:

  • Army Wounded Warrior (AW2): 509-434-7527
  • Healthcare for Homeless Veterans: 509-462-2500
  • Spokane County Veteran Services: 509-477-3690
  • OIF/OEF VA Transition Team: 509-434-7286
  • Veterans Outreach Center: 509-444-8387
  • Spokane WorkSource Veterans Team: 509-532-3102
  • Veterans Information Sheet – a printable document with phone numbers and addresses of local community resources, veterans’ offices, and military associations.
  • WIN211 – Washington’s Information Network – A community resource database that can be accessed ONLINE or by simply calling 2-1-1 and a referral specialist will assist you.

Credits For Your Time Served!

The Armed Forces of the United States provide military personnel with a great variety of educational opportunities through formal service school training programs and off-duty educational activities.

Spokane Falls Community College will award up to 15 credits to be counted as electives, with the exception of 5 credits (of the 15) to meet section IV. HEALTH-RELATED/PE/RECRATIONAL/LEISURE ACTIVITIES, group A & B for the A.A. degree. These awarded credits will be considered transfer credits; please view Transfer Students Need to Know.

How to Get Awarded Your Credits

  • Submit a copy of your DD214 to the Veterans Office
    • This will eliminate the 5 credits of Group A & B Health/PE
  • Submit your military transcripts to Cindy Havko (SFCC Counseling Office, Bldg 17) for evaluation of additional credits to be awarded towards your degree. The following links will direct you to the website to obtain your military transcript:
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