GED Testing

Spokane Falls Community College is no longer a GED Testing Center; however the Institute for Extended Learning (IEL) offers day and evening sessions. Call the GED Testing phone for more information: (509) 279-6200

Magnuson Building
2917 W. Fort George Wright Drive-MS 3028
Spokane, WA 99224-5202.

What is GED?

The General Educational Development (GED) tests provide persons who did not complete high school with an opportunity to earn a high school equivalency. By taking and passing a series of five tests they have acquired a level of learning that is comparable to that of high school graduates.

Why take a GED test?

  • To qualify for further education
  • To advance in a career
  • To join the military
  • To achieve personal satisfaction

GED Facts

  • GED graduates are as likely to attend college as high school graduates of the same age, family background, and ability who did not enroll immediately after high school graduation.
  • GED graduates are as likely to persist in college as other "returning adult" college students of the same age, family background and ability.
  • GED graduates participate in vocational training as frequently as high school graduates.
  • GED graduates who entered college, gained about the same wage benefit per year of college as did regular high school graduates.