SFCC Campus Map

Check the County Construction maps for construction projects impacting driving routes.

SFCC Campus Map Library Library Communications/Theatre Fine Arts Gymnasium and Fitness Center Institute for Extended Learning (IEL) Photography Stadium/Physical Education Complex Music/Performing Arts Human Services/Early Learning Center (ELC) Student Union Building (SUB) Registration Computing, Mathematics and Science Technical Arts sn-w'ey'-mn Magnuson Building Science Building Falls Gateway
Student Services - Building 17
Admissions/Registration/Cashiers - Financial Aid/Employment - College Store/Cafeteria
2. Library   15. Music/Performing Arts
5. Communications/Spartan Theater   16. Human Services/ELC
6. Fine Arts   18. Computing, Mathematics & Science
7. Gymnasiums/Fitness Center   19. Technical Arts
9. Lodge/SCC   24. sn-w'ey'-mn: Business, Social Sciences
10. Warehouse/Maintenance Shop   27. Magnuson/SCC/SFCC
11. Photography   28. Science Building: Chemistry, Life Sciences
13. Stadium/P.E. Complex   30. Falls Gateway/Administration (President, VPs)
P-  Limited Public Parking denoted in Blue/Magenta  

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