SFCC College Store

About the Store

The SFCC College Store, located in the Student Union Building, Bldg. 17 has been supplying students and staff with new and used textbooks, general book titles, art and school supplies, computer software and media, tools, collegiate clothing, gifts and cards, and convenience items for over thirty years.

In addition to purchases, you may request a refund or sell your used textbooks through the Buy/Sell/Swap Program. You may also purchase books at the Online Store. Please call (509) 533-3565 for more information.

Hours of Operation

Regular Schedule Hours
Monday - Thursday 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Friday 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Saturday, Sunday Closed
NOTE: Store hours vary due to special programs, so visit the Online Store Information page for specific dates and times and closures.

Purchase Policy

The store accepts VISA and MasterCard. District policy requirements state that two-party checks and non-imprinted checks cannot be accepted. Emergency textbook loans are available through the financial aid department.

Students are urged to purchase their books prior to the beginning of each quarter to avoid the rush. Students must have their course number and title of the class if they need assistance from store staff in selecting the proper texts.

Refund Policy

A refund period is established in case of error or a change of class. For terms and conditions, consult the Refund Information at the SFCC Store web site. (Scroll to bottom of page.)

Book Buy/Sell/Swap Program

At the end of each quarter a textbook buyback service is offered. Buyback begins on Study Day and runs three days. Buyback dates are posted on the refund policy and on the store website. Click and scroll down to view Buyback Dates. Students may also get a buyback quote on the store website. Create an account and sign up for email notifications on buyback for books purchased. You can also search private classified listings between students. SFCC Store: Buy/Sell/Swap

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