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Estrada, Hadda; Instructor/ Gateway to College Academic Success Coach

Estrada, Hadda; Instructor/ Gateway to College Academic Success Coach Office: 17-140C

Phone: (509) 533-3646


My name is Hadda Estrada, and I was born and grew up in Paris, France. I spent most of my life in France where I got the opportunity to travel throughout Europe. After I graduated from the University of Marne-la-Valle in Business Administration, I decided to pursue my interest in communication and languages.

I moved to Monroe, Louisiana and went to the University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM) where I furthered my education in Business Administration. In 2001, I graduated with my BA in Economics. Soon after, I enrolled in the Master of Arts in Communication with a concentration in Mass Communication. I received my MA from ULM and began teaching Communication courses for over 7 years. As a Speech Instructor, I taught students from diverse academic, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds to combat fears associated with public speaking and to help them realize speaking attributes.

In 2006, I began working as a Retention Advisor and Communication Studies Instructor and was strongly committed to academic advising, retention and graduation efforts. I was involved in all aspects of the Student Success Center's functions, to include advising, teaching, program development and management. I also taught multiple sections of University Seminar each semester. This class was part of ULM's First Year Experience and the Learning Communities program, a very critical component that impacted every incoming freshman at the institution. I worked very closely with students each semester to help them transition both socially and academically to the university.

In 2010, my family and I moved to Spokane. We enjoy being outdoors, going on hikes, and riding our bikes. Our love and passion for traveling and discovering other cultures is never-ending. All my family lives in Europe, so we try to visit them as much as possible.

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Johnson, Erin; Spanish Instructor

Johnson, Erin; Spanish Instructor Office: 5-107B

Phone: (509) 533-3948


Español 121-122-123 SPAN 121 Arriba!
Learning the Spanish language and experiencing Latin culture has enriched me thoroughly and made my world a more colorful place. However, Spanish is more than just fun, interesting and fulfilling – it is incredibly useful! Over three hundred million people speak Spanish as their native language and over 20 countries are considered to be Spanish–speaking. By learning to speak this beautiful language one can communicate with diverse people in the US and abroad, gain a more global perspective, and develop a valuable skill for work or travel. I am thrilled to be able to share the passion I have for Spanish with my students as they begin their own journey as a language learner.

I grew up in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and stayed in the area for college. I received my M.A. in Spanish from Washington State University where I also taught a variety of Spanish courses. As an undergraduate student at the University of Idaho, I studied abroad in San Jose, Costa Rica and Torino, Italy. My travels also include trips to Mexico, Spain, and Panama. I am a major advocate for studying abroad and am very excited that SFCC students have the opportunity to do so!

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Valenzuela, Gabriel; Instructor

Valenzuela, Gabriel; Instructor Office: 24-124

Phone: (509) 533-3472


Spanish 121 Spanish 122-123
Spanish 221 Spanish 222-223
SPANISH CLUB Study Abroad in Salamanca, Spain
Gabriel Valenzuela hails from Portland, Oregon. Gabriel earned his B.A. in Spanish and Italian from the University of Oregon and later earned his M.A. in Spanish and Italian Literature from the University of Oregon in Eugene. Gabriel's thesis focused on the principal motifs present in the genre Naturalism in the late 19th century novel by Manuel Zeno Gandía. Other interests of study and research include the Spanish Golden Age through the 16th and 17th century poets (Góngora, Lope de Vega, Garcilaso de la Vega, among others), Cervantes and also the masterpieces of 16th and 17th century theatre (Calderon de la Barca, Tirso de Molina, among others). Gabriel, like most Spanish students at one point or another, has followed Don Quijote on all of his journeys and the quixotic nature of Don Alonso has indeed rubbed off! Having studied Italian, Gabriel has also descended into the deepest circles with Dante Alighieri and Virgil in La Divina Commedia. His primary focus and interest in Italian is found in Boccaccio's Decamerone, and on quite the opposite end of the spectrum, the genre "Gialli", which is the Detective Novel series.

Teaching language and culture is a deeply rooted passion. His first experience was in a classroom very similar to the one found on the SFCC campus: In his 3rd year at the UO, Gabriel was assigned a position whereby he gained valuable experience teacher assisting in Spanish classrooms at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon. It was through these months of tutoring and teacher assisting that Gabriel began to hone his skills and learn many lessons by watching the teachers in their classes, and two years later he earned a fellowship to teach Italian at the University of Oregon while contemporaneously pursuing coursework toward an M.A.

An Oregonian through and through, Gabriel has learned that not all roads lead to NE Portland and is now discovering the jewel which is Spokane. He is very excited to learn what "snow" really means, and at the same time escape from the land of the incessant rain cloud. He is proud to represent SFCC and work with such remarkable colleagues and bright students.

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Elem Spanish 121

Elem Spanish 122

Elem Spanish 123


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