Audio Engineering

What Classes Do I Take?

Instructor and Students

During the first year of the program students will learn the basics of studio recording, acoustics, live sound reinforcement, and digital audio workstations (DAW’s), as well as receive instruction in functional piano and music theory. In the recording studio students learn mixing console signal flow, studio procedures, and microphone techniques while they participate in live recording sessions. In the MIDI lab, using the latest DAW software and operating systems, students develop basic mixing, editing and Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) production skills.

The second year of the program provides advanced study and implementation of the aforementioned skills as well as internship opportunities at local recording studios, radio stations, and post production facilities. Second year students further develop skills in music theory and composing/arranging for film and multimedia applications.

The associate’s degree program can also serve as a transfer program in the event that a student wishes to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Music Technology/ Audio Engineering at applicable colleges and universities.