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Audio Engineering Application Process

Now interviewing applicants for Fall 2018

All prospective students to the Audio Engineering Program need to follow and complete the steps listed below.

It is essential that you maintain an active email account so that we may provide all information needed in a timely manner.

To be admitted to the program, all applicants must complete and/or submit:

    • Complete an online application. On your application, be sure to indicate Audio Engineering (#212) as your program intent.
    • If you have already submitted a college application, update your program code to indicate Audio Engineering
    • For general information about admissions, contact the Admissions Office at 509.533.4356
  2. PLACEMENT TESTS: Complete placement tests in reading, writing, and math.
    • Visit the Assessment Testing website to schedule an appointment or call 509.533.3401. The reading and writing placement test at SFCC is the English Directed Self Placement. The math placement test is My Math.
    • Bring your placement scores to your interview. Applicants who have taken placement exams at another accredited institution of higher education may submit their placement scores from that institution.
    • Applicants who have completed coursework in Math 99 and English 101 or equivalent coursework at SFCC or another institution may bring a hard copy of transcripts to the interview in lieu of placement test scores.
  3. A WRITTEN ESSAY: In a one to two-page essay (typed or neatly hand-written), answer the following questions:
    • What is your personal interest in the Audio Engineering Program at Spokane Falls?
    • What experience do you possess in music and/or audio engineering?
    • What are your future goals?
    • The essay may be submitted by email to audioengineering@sfcc.spokane.edu. Please bring a hard copy to your interview.
    • Contact us at audioengineering@sfcc.spokane.edu to schedule an interview.
    • Include your name, student ID, and telephone number
    • You will be notified by email of your interview date and time. It is essential you maintain an ACTIVE EMAIL ACCOUNT. If for any reason you do not receive interview information within a week of contacting us, please follow up by telephone (509.533.3212). It is important to us that you are not overlooked.
    • Your interview will be 15 minutes in length. Plan to arrive 10 minutes early. Applicants must be on time to be considered for admission.
    • Bring to your interview hard copies of your placement scores and your essay

In review, here are the steps in order:

  1. Complete your college application
  2. Take your placement tests
  3. Schedule your interview
  4. In preparation for your interview, write your essay

Thank you for your interest in Audio Engineering at Spokane Falls. We look forward to meeting you.

Email: audioengineering@sfcc.spokane.edu
Telephone: (509) 533-3212