The International Language Center offers: 

  • 34 Windows XP Pro PC workstations with headphones, microphones, and software for several different languages.
  • Microsoft Office 2003.
  • 1 video-media station equipped with a television, VCR, and headphones.
  • 1 audio-media station equipped with a cassette player, microphone and headphones.
  • A list of Movies, Audio Tapes, Music CDs, Games, and CD ROM Programs in several different languages is available for in lab check out and use.

International TV

The Center also has a viewing and discussion area with satellite television that receives channels from 40 countries around the world, a multiple region VCR, couch, table, and chairs where students are able to watch foreign language movies, and educational videos.


  • All computer workstations have access to the Internet.
  • Browsing is available using Netscape Communicator or Internet Explorer.
  • Free email accounts are available thru Hotmail, Yahoo, Juno, MSN, and others.


  • Only 1 computer in the Center is equipped to accept floppy disks.
  • All computers are loaded with anti-virus software.
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