Mathematics Department


Transfer Credit:  generally awarded for work completed at an institution of higher education recognized by a regional accrediting association.

Official Transcript:  a legal document which contains the signature of the certifying official (registrar), institutional seal, and date of use. Must be delivered in its original sealed envelope to:

   SFCC Admissions Office
   MS 3011
   3410 W. Fort George Wright Dr.
   Spokane, WA 99224-5288

Prerequisite:  a required or necessary course, which must be taken prior to taking other like courses.


Any student who has completed coursework at another school is considered a transfer student. Spokane Falls Community College welcomes transfer students from two- and four-year institutions of higher education. SFCC conducts two different types of transfer credit evaluations: you may need one or both. Prerequisite Evaluations are provided for all official transcripts from regionally accredited institutions of higher education. Full Evaluations are for enrolled students planning to earn a degree and must be requested by the student. Your evaluation is specific to your program of study.

Transfer Credit Evaluation

Prerequisite Evaluation

Many courses at SFCC have prerequisite requirements that block your ability to register until the prerequisite has been satisfied. If you have taken the prerequisite course at another regionally accredited institution, official transcripts must be sent to SFCC for evaluation. In some cases assessment testing may not be required if you have prior college-level math and/or English. Remember: transcripts provided to SFCC become a part of your permanent record and cannot be returned or removed.

Remember: if you are enrolled in a professional/technical program, you need to talk to your advisor before requesting a full evaluation.

Unofficial transcripts, grade reports and online printouts will not be accepted. Your transfer transcripts should be sent from the transfer institution in a sealed envelope and sent directly to SFCC Admissions Office so that they are received 2-3 weeks prior to your registration.

Full Evaluation

If you intend to earn a degree at SFCC, you may want to request a full evaluation of your transfer credits. A transfer credit evaluation is intended to assist you and your advisor in choosing appropriate courses to complete your degree. A transfer credit evaluation is not an official degree evaluation. To receive an official degree evaluation, you must submit a graduation/degree application. You are required to file a degree application when half of the credits required for your degree have been completed.

Students enrolled in professional/technical programs should contact the program advisor before requesting a full evaluation. Program advisors will most often decide the equivalency of professional/technical courses. Full evaluations will be processed only for students who are currently enrolled and have completed the first two weeks of the quarter. Allow 4-6 weeks for full evaluation results.