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Bellerud, Heather; Secretary Senior

(509) 533-3710
Bellerud, Heather; Secretary Senior
Heather joined the staff at SFCC in December 2016, shortly after moving to Spokane with her family. She's excited to be exploring the region on foot and by bicycle, and considers the landscape here to be a natural fit for her love of the outdoors. Heather is a gardener, tinkerer, and creative mess maker.

Heather started her career in archaeological site preservation and cultural-natural resource interpretation with the National Park Service in New Mexico and Arizona. Following a period teaching art and environmental education in Colorado, she moved to Seattle when she accepted a position in the education department at the Museum of History and Industry. Heather later joined the education department at the Frye Art Museum, where she managed the museum’s programming for youth audiences.

Since leaving the museum community, Heather has remained devoted to non-profit program administration; leading children's art and literacy programs, volunteering as a family bicycle advocate, and coordinating a community garden. If you see her with dirt in her hair and grease under her nails, you’ll know she was up to some sort of mess making - hopefully the creative kind.

Boyle, Mariah; Fine Arts Instructor

(509) 533-3424
Boyle, Mariah; Fine Arts Instructor
Mariah Boyle creates life-sized mixed media drawings and installations that reference the landscape and personal or public memories associated with passing through or spending time in a place. Life in the Northwest has had a strong influence on her work.

Mariah received her BA from Eastern Oregon University and her MFA from Washington State University in 2012. She taught studio art at both of her alma maters before joining the faculty at Spokane Falls Community College, where she teaches drawing, color and design, and art appreciation. In summer of 2015, she spent time as an artist in residence at the Sitka Center for Art & Ecology in Otis, Oregon and the Centrum Foundation in Port Townsend, Washington. She is a member of Saranac Art Projects in Spokane.

You can see Mariah's personal work on Mariah's website.

Brunt, Bonnie; Dean of Visual and Performing Arts

(509) 533-3339
Brunt, Bonnie; Dean of Visual and Performing Arts
Bonnie Brunt moved to Spokane for a job at SFCC in 2004 and subsequently fell in love with both this college and the Spokane area. In the fall of 2012, after 20 years teaching Spanish, Bonnie stepped into an interim dean position to fill a vacancy. Much to her surprise, she found that she really enjoyed the job, so she applied and was offered the permanent dean position in 2013.

There are many things she loves about this college and her current role here. Her favorites are probably the opportunity to effect positive change at the college on a broader scale and to take care of the faculty, staff, and students of the programs under her supervision (Fine Arts, Music, Audio Engineering, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Digital Media Production, and Journalism). She loves that the job is complex and different every day, and she’s really proud of the work that is being done in the division.

She misses teaching Spanish and also the daily contact with the students in the classroom, but fortunately has been "adopted" by the students, faculty, and staff in the Visual & Performing Arts.

Day, Jennifer; Administrative Assistant

(509) 533-3720
Day, Jennifer; Administrative Assistant
Jennifer has been at CCS since 2012 and with the Visual and Performing Arts Division since 2015. With a background in cultural anthropology, she has long loved the arts, both as reflections of the everyday and as windows into society. She particularly enjoys classical and jazz music as well as clay, fiber, and glass. She enjoys listening to music students sing and 'jam' in the hallways and getting the chance to view the variety of student work across the division.

She enjoys being back in an academic environment, working with faculty and students. Before moving to Spokane, she worked in global health and development programs and research in Africa and Asia, after initially serving in the Peace Corps in Nepal and earning her Masters in Public Health (MPH).

Since arriving in Spokane, she has been active in the local community, serving on multiple non-profit boards and supporting sustainable development, walkable neighborhoods, and public health, here and in low-income countries. Aside from her role as administrative assistant to the Visual and Performing Arts Division at SFCC, she is also adjunct faculty at EWU's MPH program at the College of Health Science and Public Health, and guest lectures in various departments at SFCC.

Haag, Patty; Fine Arts Instructor

(509) 533-3705
Non-Western Art Acrylic Painting Drawing 101 Non-Western Art:  China Learning Community:  Old Stones, New Threads
Haag, Patty; Fine Arts Instructor
Patty has been a member of the fine arts faculty at Spokane Falls Community College since 1980. She has taught many art classes, including drawing, painting, portfolio, and non-western art.

Patty's work has been exhibited throughout the Pacific Northwest, Midwestern United States, and Canada. She is influenced by everyday occurrences as well as her travels to many parts of the world. These influences can be seen by her use of rich, saturated colors and bold images of common everyday objects.

Harvey, Tobe; Fine Arts Instructor

(509) 533-3712
Harvey, Tobe; Fine Arts Instructor
Tobe teaches introduction to art, drawing fundamentals, and watercolor classes. He was born in Eastern Montana and since moving to the area, he has been featured in the Spokesman Review, the Spokane/Coeur d'Alene Living Magazine and has displayed his work in local galleries. Tobe is married to the love of his life and best friend Wendy.

Northwest Community College - Associate of Art Montana State University - Bachelor of Art Washington State University - Master of Fine Art

View Tobey's Art

Jagoda, Peter; Fine Arts Instructor

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Jagoda, Peter; Fine Arts Instructor
Pete teaches jewelry making and produces limited edition and one of a kind knives as well as custom jewelry and metalwork tables and home furnishings. He and his wife have been involved in animal rescue since they moved to Spokane and operate River's Wish Animal Sanctuary and Thumpqua, a rabbit sanctuary. A portion of his sales go to support this effort. His work has been shown at a variety of local galleries in Spokane.

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Lopez Schindler, Lenora; Fine Arts Instructor

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Lopez Schindler, Lenora; Fine Arts Instructor
Lena first joined the fine arts faculty at Spokane Falls Community College in 2001 and taught on the main campus and the Fairchild Air Force Base satellite campus. She returned to the department in the spring of 2013 and currently teaches classes in art appreciation and fundamental drawing. Lena also teaches art history and studio classes at Eastern Washington University and has been a faculty member at Whitworth University. She has also taught art students of all ages at Spokane Art School.

Lena received her MFA from University of Montana in sculpture, her post-baccalaureate from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and her BA in art and art history from University of Puget Sound. Her work has been exhibited regionally and in private collections. Her focus has moved from sculptural assemblage pieces to works on paper. She is interested in the intersections of nature and pattern, and is always ready to try a new material or technique.

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Madison, Kurt; Fine Arts Instructor

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Art 112 - Non Western Art Art 101 - Fundamentals of Drawing
Madison, Kurt; Fine Arts Instructor
Kurt teaches a variety of classes in the Fine Arts Department including drawing, art appreciation, non-western art and stagecraft design. He has lived and worked in the Arts all over the US for the last 30+ years. His primary focus is as a sculptor, though he has worked in installation, performance as well as with glass, metalsmithing and in various design fields including theatrical and landscape design. Kurt and his wife (Margot Casstevens, Interior Design instructor) started Punctum Studios in 2000, and both artists have created some well-known and even award-winning pieces. Kurt's stained glass "ORION" is installed in the new SFCC Science Building near the Planetarium Entrance.

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Martens-Haworth, Megan; Fine Arts Instructor

(509) 533-3706
Intro. to Art Study Slides
Martens-Haworth, Megan; Fine Arts Instructor
Megan teaches figure drawing, oil and acrylic painting, color and design, art appreciation, drawing classes as well as our portfolio. She has been living, working, teaching and creating art in Spokane since 2002. Additionally, Megan teaches study abroad programs for the Washington State Community College Consortium for Study Abroad (WCCCSA) and travels extensively. She serves on several important committees such as the Curriculum Committee and ITALIC (Institutional Teaching and Learning Improvement Coordinating Committee). It is important to Megan to keep an active exhibition record and display her work regularly. You can view more of Megan's work on her website.

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McKirdie, Rob; Fine Arts Instructor

(509) 533-3716
McKirdie, Rob; Fine Arts Instructor
Rob joined the fine arts faculty in 2015. He teaches classes in drawing, 3D Design, and sculpture. In his artistic practice, he primarily works with wood and metal, which he integrates with found and fabricated objects. Rob also focuses on mold making, fabrication, as well as Aluminum, Bronze, and Iron casting.

He earned a BS in Sculpture and a BFA in Studio Practices from Portland State University and an MFA in Sculpture from Rhode Island School of Design. Rob's work explores the intersection of technology and material culture. It has been shown nationally in galleries and museums.

You can view Rob's personal work on Rob's website.

Nadherny, Jamie; Instructional Tech - Fine Arts

(509) 000-0000
Nadherny, Jamie; Instructional Tech - Fine Arts
Jamie N. Nadherny joined SFCC's Fine Arts Department as lab tech for the sculpture studio in the fall of 2016. She is a graduate of SFCC, earning an AFA in 2003, and then going on to earn a BFA from Eastern Washington University in 2005, and a MFA from Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2012.

Jamie is a multi-dimensional artist who works primarily in sculpture/ceramics, installation and performance art. She draws inspiration from a wide variety of materials she chooses to work with, ranging from animal bones to fine fabrics. The conceptual ideas embedded within her work deal with the exploration and examination of hybrid identities. In the spring of 2017, she was one of the artists who participated in Four Seasons, a collaborative project with the Spokane Symphony and Uncharted.

View Jamie's Art

Newcomer, Tybre; Fine Arts Instructor

(509) 533-4412
Newcomer, Tybre; Fine Arts Instructor
Tybre joined SFCC's Fine Arts faculty in 2016 and is teaching ceramics. He received his BFA from Missouri State University and his MFA from the Rochester Institute of Technology-School for American Crafts in Ceramics and Ceramic Sculpture. Tybre was an Artist in Residence at the Tainan National University of the Arts in Tainan, Taiwan and at Midwestern State University and in Wichita Falls, TX. In addition to teaching, he maintains an active studio and exhibits his work nationally.

Having grown up in Southwest Missouri, most of his youth was spent with a tool in his hand, fascinated with all things mechanical and structural. It was during this time that he realized that the tool is an extension of his hands and has since held a great importance to him and his work. By presenting the tool as a devotional object and contextualizing the maker's workspace as sacred, Newcomer sheds light on this indescribable relationship between makers and their tools.

You can see Tybre's personal work on Tybre's website.

ODay, Thomas; Fine Arts Instructor

(509) 533-3746
ODay, Thomas; Fine Arts Instructor
Tom began teaching in 1986 as an adjunct and in 1998 he was hired as a full time instructor and gallery director. He teaches drawing techniques, color + design, drawing fundamentals, portfolio and gallery exhibit classes. Tom is interested in both traditional and experimental approaches to "art-making." The work he makes utilizes a variety of media; charcoal, pastels, oil and acrylic paint, bronze casting, fire and in the past, explosives. Tom's work has been exhibited throughout the Western United States.
AA Fullerton Community College
BA California State University, Long Beach
MA California State University, Northridge

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Richardson, Carl; Fine Arts Instructor (Department Chair)

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Intro to Art
Richardson, Carl; Fine Arts Instructor (Department Chair)
Carl has been a professional artist and educator for over 18 years. He currently teaches drawing, color/design, printmaking, portfolio, exhibit, and advanced design classes. Art is a way for him to give life to thoughts that he cannot or chooses not to express verbally, "because words fail, I choose paint, ink, canvas, paper, film, pen, charcoal and/or a squeegee to give a voice to thoughts, feeling and emotions within me." In 1990 he received a BS in Fine Arts at Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University and his Master in Fine Arts from Washington State University in 1994. Carl is the Advisor to the Art Club and the Black Student Union on campus.

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Carl's Website

Simonsen, Garric; Fine Arts Instructor

(509) 533-3707
Simonsen, Garric; Fine Arts Instructor
Garric joined the fine arts faculty at Spokane Falls Community College in 2013. He currently teaches classes in drawing, color and design, art appreciation, and multi-media.

Garric earned a BA from Evergreen State College and an MFA from Washington State University. The basis of his artistic research explores the possibilities of integrating traditional printmaking techniques on surfaces of wood, encaustic, and other oil based mediums.

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Skubinna, Bradd; Fine Arts Instructor

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Skubinna, Bradd; Fine Arts Instructor
I love decorativeness and the possibility that decoration can transcend itself; I use the word "transcend" cautiously.

My work is self-referential (about itself). I try to capture some sense of an experience I have had, or one I would like to have. I make art with the intent of clarifying for myself the meaning of my original vision. I want art that is beautiful, humorous and somehow self-evident. The art should be its own justification.

Objects, materials or simple actions from my surroundings present themselves as possibilities for art making. The inspiration comes first, then I try to locate its meaning.

Professional artist for 20 years; currently teaching art at Spokane Falls Community College and Whitworth University in Spokane.
Exhibited in Seattle, New York, Portland, Oregon, and Spokane.
BA in Art and Art History from Eastern Washington University in 1989.
MFA from School of the Visual Arts in N.Y.C. in 2000.

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Wilson, Cyndy; Fine Arts Instructor

(509) 533-3709
Introduction to Art Fundamental Drawing
Wilson, Cyndy; Fine Arts Instructor
Cyndy teaches art appreciation, figure drawing, color + design, and mat/frame work classes. She is a professional artist and printmaker. Cyndy has worked for Rick Singer Photography and the Museum of Native Cultures, as well as the Spokane Art School in which she participates regularly in a drawing marathon. Additionally, she is a huge Star Trek fan – the original series.

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