Anderson, Christie; Instructor

Anderson, Christie; Instructor Office: 005-0107A

Phone: (509) 533-3601

Email: Christie.Anderson@sfcc.spokane.edu

M.A. Traditional Studies in Language and Literature, Eastern Washington University (1991) Thesis: Teaching Whole Language to Whole People as Adult Learners B.A.E. English and Fine Art, Secondary Ed. Eastern Washington University (1986)

My special interest lies in matters of diversity and multiculturalism. I am the College Literacy Center Director, and I teach various reading, writing and literature courses. In all my classes, I find there is a place to learn about, understand, and celebrate many of the voices that make up the world. I have a strong sense of community, knowing that we tend to do better when we are part of a group, moving toward similar goals, so my teaching strategies often include short and long term collaboration among class members. Working with students at SFCC to achieve their academic goals has and continues to be a particular pleasure. "I have discovered in life that there are ways of getting almost anywhere you want to go, if you really want to go." - Langston Hughes

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Anthony, Jared; Instructor

Anthony, Jared; Instructor Office: 024-0209

Phone: (509) 533-3607

Email: Jared.Anthony@sfcc.spokane.edu

English 101, Summer, Online Composition ToolBox Articulation Workshop Afterpresence English 101 English 102 Hybrid English 102 Online English 99 (Outcomes 101) Introduction to Literature
I never saw myself going to college. Eight years after high school, I started taking accounting classes in the evenings at Portland Community College in hopes of getting a raise at work. I transferred to Clark College, another community college across the river in Vancouver, WA. I had to take an English class, and I loved it. I saw how much fun my instructor was having, and I decided that was what I wanted to do for a living, too. Fourteen years later, I earned my PhD in Rhetoric and Composition at the same time as I started working here at SFCC. I know community colleges can change lives for the better because it happened to me. And now I get to play a role in making it happen for my students. I feel like I'm living the dream.

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Bankston, Zach; Instructor

Bankston, Zach; Instructor Office: 024-0212

Phone: (509) 533-3420

Email: Zach.Bankston@sfcc.spokane.edu

I am a second-generation community college grad who strongly believes in the community college mission. I came to SFCC because I love Spokane, and helping students achieve their educational and life goals is a passion of mine.

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Bleck, Bradley; Instructor

Bleck, Bradley; Instructor Office: 005-0157

Phone: (509) 533-3572

Email: Bradley.Bleck@sfcc.spokane.edu

A third generation citizen of Spokane, Bradley returned to SFCC in 2001 after five years of teaching and developing online and computer assisted English classes in Las Vegas. Along with Bradley's love of teaching writing with the aid of computer technologies, he brings a love of British and American literature. His favorite literary figure is James Boswell, father of the literary biography; his favorite contemporary writer is Irishman Roddy Doyle.

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Carlson, Linnea; Instructor

Carlson, Linnea; Instructor Office: 005-0126

Phone: (509) 533-3156

Email: Linnea.Carlson@sfcc.spokane.edu

Linnea Carlson has a B.A. in English and a B.A. in Education from Whitworth, a Master's from E.W.U., and is A.B.D. at W.S.U. She graduated "suma cum something". (She consistently admonishes students not to procrastinate but apparently doesn't listen to her own advice.) She has been teaching since Dinosaurs roamed the earth. Her first 101 class had some of her fellow high school grads in it.

She lives in a crumbling 106 year old home on the South hill and knows nothing about basic home maintenance. (However in the fictional realm plumbing doesn't matter, aesthetics do.) Her son Conrad will be a senior in college soon; so far he has managed to pay for all his education with academic scholarships despite taking courses like calculus 3 and physics 3. For the past two years he has worked a part time minimum wage job and managed to save $20,000 for the down payment on a home. Where he obtained this maturity is a mystery; it is certainly not genetic.

The "Love of her Life" is a LIBERAL from the "Outback" of North Idaho. He prefers to live with elk and moose instead of her (--if you knew how difficult she is to live with you'd understand.) He is on two Search and Rescue teams and often volunteers to be "shot at" by the Spokane Police in mock training. Her major passion is competitive running and despite a lack of humility she has failed to encounter the proverbial "Achilles' heel thus far.

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Cartwright, Ben; Instructor

Cartwright, Ben; Instructor Office: 024-0240

Phone: (509) 533-3828

Email: Ben.Cartwright@sfcc.spokane.edu

Ph.D. in English, University of Kansas, 2013; M.A. in English (duel-emphasis on Rhetoric and Composition, and Creative Writing), Kansas State University, 2003; B.A. in Humanities and French (Honors), Washington State University, 2001.

Ben Cartwright joined the faculty at Spokane Falls Community College in 2014, returning to Spokane after thirteen years of teaching and working in the Midwest, and abroad in Tianjin, China. His scholarly interests include 19th Century American Criminal Autobiography, 19th Century travelogues of China, James Joyce studies, the history of the Prose Poem, Utopian literature (emphasis on feminist and environmental utopias), and Science Fiction. Ben's poetry, prose poetry, and fiction have appeared widely. He is the poetry editor of the magazine James Gunn's Ad Astra, and a former poetry editor of the magazine Beecher's. When not teaching, reading, writing, or preparing to teach, read, or write, Ben likes to hand-make journals and zines. Ben's home online is benjamindcartwright.wordpress.com.

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DeLauder, Cynde; Instructor

DeLauder, Cynde; Instructor Office: 005-0125

Phone: (509) 533-3886

Email: Cynde.DeLauder@sfcc.spokane.edu

English 101 English 131--Introduction to Literature
I've travelled a long way to get to Spokane. I was raised and educated in Upstate New York, in the Adirondacks, and I received my BA in English Literature at St. Lawrence University in 1982. After a detour away from academics I found my way back, receiving my MA in Literature from the University of Alaska Anchorage program in 1990. I taught there for 6 years, and then my husband was transferred to Spokane. I started teaching at SFCC in 1996, shortly after we moved down. I teach a variety of courses, from developmental reading and writing to English Comp and Introduction to Literature. Much of what I do these days is online. For fun I read voraciously, do yoga, in a desperate attempt to find my center (It is out there somewhere), and raise my children. I am blessed to have found a job that doesn't feel like work, and I am thankful daily for the support and challenges I face as a member of the English faculty.

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Fischer, Kellie; Instructor

Fischer, Kellie; Instructor Office: 024-0313

Phone: (509) 533-3199

Email: Kellie.Fischer@sfcc.spokane.edu

English 101
As an instructor, I approach teaching the same way I approach the rest of my life: full speed ahead, but with quiet moments for reflection and enjoying the beauty in our world. Students in my classes write about topics that are pertinent to our times and our way of life. Sometimes these are heavy topics, but they are never boring. Because I believe that we will often rise only to the level of expectations (our own or those of others), I expect great things from my students and provide the support necessary for them to achieve those great things.

As a former student of SFCC, I knew exactly where I wanted to teach when I completed my MA in Literature at EWU: Here at SFCC. The faculty, staff, and students, are the perfect mix of intelligence and dedication with some fun and laughter thrown in for good measure.

In order to enjoy the fun from a closer perspective, I am advisor to The Women's Club (AWS). The club does numerous educational, social, and supportive events focused on women, but everyone is always welcome and encouraged to participate. We are NOT anti-men. The Women's Club also sponsors free family events for SFCC families and their children.

On a personal level, I am mother to six sons and grandmother to ten beautiful angels (4 boys and 6 girls). My husband and I have been together for over thirty years and have recently moved to the country on a mini-farm that brings delight to us all because it is a place where reflection comes naturally and singing grandchildren play joyously as they discover their world.

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Freeman, Lisa; Instructor

Freeman, Lisa; Instructor Office: 024-0211

Phone: (509) 533-3154

Email: Lisa.Freeman@sfcc.spokane.edu

Growing up in Arizona, my earliest memories include using all of my family's office supplies to play teacher to a classroom of stuffed animals and whatever neighborhood kids I could bribe to "sit still and quit passing notes!" The beginning of the school year in September was, and still is, my favorite holiday season – instead of balloons and streamers, I get a thrill from new boxes of pencils and spiral notebooks. After a BFA from the University of Southern California, School of Cinema-Television and an MA in English from the University of Idaho, I am contentedly rooted in Spokane with a patient husband, two somewhat civilized children, and a goofy Aussie shepherd who is unconvinced he is a dog. Fortunately, I get to spend my days doing what I absolutely love – teaching! If someone else could figure out "what's for dinner," life would be pretty close to perfect.

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Greenup, Tim; Faculty

Greenup, Tim; Faculty Office: 024-0213

Phone: (509) 533-3683

Email: Tim.Greenup@sfcc.spokane.edu

Tim Greenup hails from Omaha, Nebraska. He did his graduate work in Creative Writing—Poetry at Eastern Washington University, where he served as editor for the literary magazine Willow Springs. In addition to teaching writing and literature at the Falls, he likes to Frisbee golf, go on long walks, and write poems and stories whenever possible. He has a cat, a baby, a sense of humor, and a wife named Kate.

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Harrington, Carol; Instructor

Harrington, Carol; Instructor Office: 005-0159

Phone: (509) 533-3898

Email: Carol.Harrington@sfcc.spokane.edu

BA Creative Writing EWU 1985; Masters in Teaching MSU
1995; MFA-Creative Writing/Poetry EWU 2011
Favorite books: The Bible and anything by William Stafford or David Wagoner

I was born and raised in Spokane but have lived in Seattle and many different towns in Montana before moving back to the Pacific NW in 1996. In the decade between my BA and teaching degree, I made a living doing odd jobs from bar tender to ranch hand to support my writing habit. I "got serious" (as my parents liked to call it) and taught English Composition at the college and high school level. I was hooked; learning and teaching the beauty and power of language with others flat out rocks! I am a single mom of two rowdy boys who bless me daily and put up with my obsession of trees and moss.

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Keast, Heather; Instructor

Keast, Heather; Instructor Office: 024-0339

Phone: (509) 533-3698

Email: Heather.Keast@sfcc.spokane.edu

I went to college to become a marine biologist and came out an English teacher. One of the things I love best about education is that it changes you along the way. I'm excited to be here at SFCC watching education change lives and being a part of that change. Welcome to SFCC!

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Krug, Maggie; Instructor

Krug, Maggie; Instructor Office: 005-0159

Phone: (509) 533-3610

Email: Maggie.Krug@sfcc.spokane.edu

I've always made my bread and butter with words in one way or another, I've been teaching English of various stripes for the better part of a decade, and I joined SFCC in 2013 as part of the Gateway to College team. I'm a lifetime lover of language, reading, writing, rhetoric, and learning. My own education changed my life in very positive ways: I learned how to have conversations, to question myself, to articulate my ideas and experiences, to think critically, to build relationships and community with people, to interact with--and even change some small corners of--the world I found myself in. Working with students and helping them empower themselves (while still working with language!) is my dream job. Besides my very fulfilling work, my life is filled with delight by my husband, Gary, who is my grace, and our many adventures, especially camping in the warm weather.

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Lamb, Sylva; IELP Adjunct Instructor

Lamb, Sylva; IELP Adjunct Instructor Office: 005-0160

Phone: (509) 533-3609

Email: Sylva.Lamb@sfcc.spokane.edu

B.A. in Education with a minor in English, University of Alaska, Anchorage, 1989

Since arriving here from Saigon, South Vietnam in 1968, I have taken every opportunity to travel and explore this great country. So far I have traveled, worked, and lived in forty-five out of fifty of these United States. I started teaching English as a Second Language for the Community Colleges of Spokane in 1991. I have also worked as a medical and legal interpreter that put me in more doctors and lawyers offices, hospitals and courthouses than most people would like to admit. Besides languages, I love gardening and my grandchildren.

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Monnastes, Lori; Instructor

Monnastes, Lori; Instructor Office: 005-0158

Phone: (509) 533-3688

Email: Lori.Monnastes@sfcc.spokane.edu

Improvement in Writing English 101 Improvement in Writing @12:45 - COPY
I began my education right out of high school but decided to drop out one quarter away from graduating with my AA degree here at SFCC. Making money was more important. After a six-year hiatus, I realized that I didn't want to retire from K-Mart. I went back to school, got my degree from SCC, and went on to Eastern, but I struggled as a single parent and student. My family, friends, and mentors were, and still are, my greatest resources. I realize that students may be working, parenting, caretaking, and studying, sometimes until all hours of the night, and there's often little reserve. I empathize, so I try to help students find those resources they may not have yet discovered. Primarily, I teach English composition in courses designed to help student be successful readers, writers and learners in college. I enjoy the wide variety of experiences students bring to the classroom.

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Poliakova, Anastasia; ESL Instructor

Poliakova, Anastasia; ESL Instructor Office: 005-0152

Phone: (509) 533-3581

Email: Anastasia.Poliakova@sfcc.spokane.edu

M.A. in English Language and Literature with Certification in TESL and Intercultural Studies and with minors in Public Relations and Political Science, Moscow State Linguistic University (Russia), 1996

I am a determined dreamer, living one day at a time with a fresh baked cookie. Being a mother and teaching are my two biggest passions, so I don't feel like I've worked a day in my life! I spent my childhood in Africa, lived and studied in Russia, and settled in America 16 years ago. Having been a teacher for many years, I am addicted to the exchange of energy in my classroom; I teach from my heart, promote creativity, passion, and debate. There is no such thing as "I can't" in my vocabulary: I set the bar high for both myself and my students, truly believe in success, and celebrate achievements.

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Read, Laura; Instructor

Read, Laura; Instructor Office: 024-0312

Phone: (509) 533-4173

Email: Laura.Read@sfcc.spokane.edu

Laura Read was born in New York, but she has lived here in Spokane, except for brief stints in Paris and Washington D.C., since she was 3 (a long time!). She received her B.A. degree from Gonzaga University in English and French and an M.F.A. in poetry from Eastern Washington University. Laura has been teaching at Spokane Falls Community College since 1998, and she enjoys her work here tremendously. She teaches courses in Composition, Literature, and Creative Writing. She is also a practicing poet. She lives with her husband, Brad, and her two young sons, Benjamin and Matthew, and her dog, Wally.

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Scott, Connie; Instructor (Department Chair)

Scott, Connie; Instructor (Department Chair) Office: 024-0312

Phone: (509) 533-3670

Email: Connie.Scott@sfcc.spokane.edu

I originally wanted to be a writer for magazines, and that's what led me to a graduate program in Professional Writing and Rhetoric. I was a teaching assistant as a grad student, and I soon fell in love with teaching. After graduating, I taught composition, creative writing, and literature for 18 years before coming to SFCC in 2001. I feel eternally lucky that I landed this teaching position at SFCC, because this college is student-centered and innovative and continually strives to improve and excel.

I've also fed my wander lust whenever possible and appreciate the education I get from international travel. I've spent chunks of time in Europe, Mexico, Australia, and West Africa. I'm personally committed to SFCC's mission of expanding our students' global perspectives. I've also spent much of my life as a poet, publishing poems in a variety of literary reviews, but life has interfered with these goals of late. I look forward to retiring one day, mainly so I can get back into my writing life full time.

My main teaching philosophy is that learning can be both challenging and fun. When you come to my class, you can expect to be engaged in your learning. This might take the form of classroom discussions, small group work followed by sharing with the class, or in-class reflective writing -- whatever it is, you'll play an active role. My job is to make your learning fun and engaging. That way, you're more likely to attend and complete the course. Your success is my ultimate goal.

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Simmons, Barbara; Instructor

Simmons, Barbara; Instructor Office: 024-0210

Phone: (509) 533-3318

Email: Barbara.Simmons@sfcc.spokane.edu

After 13 years of teaching English, I still can't believe I get to read, write, and converse for a living. Whenever I read something interesting, my first thought is, "How could this be used in a writing or literature course?" Every quarter my students surprise me with new insights. I have taught Charlotte Perkins Gilman's famous short story "The Yellow Wallpaper" twelve times, and the margins of my text are full of years of student comments -- but the miracle is, they still find new things to say that I've never thought of. Literature expands like that... and it expands our minds too... and that's why we should study it. After earning my Master's Degree in English Literature at Washington State University, I taught at Spokane Falls from 1995-2001, then from 2008 to the present. I took a little time off to read piles of books to my baby daughters. Ryan Simmons (pictured below) is my partner in crime. If you take my class you will find me asking you lots of big questions... and expecting you to formulate your own answers.

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Simmons, Ryan; Instructor

Simmons, Ryan; Instructor Office: 024-0309

Phone: (509) 533-3614

Email: Ryan.Simmons@sfcc.spokane.edu

I was born in Spokane, grew up in Lewiston, Idaho, and graduated from the University of Idaho. My graduate work was completed at Washington State University, where I met my spouse, who also teaches English at SFCC. I have previously taught at Gonzaga University and Utah Valley University. I teach courses in composition, technical writing, and American literature, including African American literature. I am interested in the author Charles Chesnutt (about whom I published a book, Chesnutt and Realism), noir in film and fiction, and the influence of fiction on American civil rights movements.

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Toungate, Jeremy; Instructor

Toungate, Jeremy; Instructor Office: 024-0213

Phone: (509) 533-3894

Email: Jeremy.Toungate@sfcc.spokane.edu

Jeremy Toungate is originally from Texas where he spent many of his days working and welding at a pipe and salvage yard in Luling, TX. He did his undergraduate work at Texas State University in Philosophy with a minor in Religious Studies. Later, he moved to Spokane, WA and earned his MFA in Creative Writing—Poetry at EWU. The writers he returns to again and again include Plato, Whitman, Wittgenstein, Wallace Stevens, and Emily Dickinson. He is the proudest of all fathers of his son, Henry Valentine.

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Weller, Lavonne; Instructor

Weller, Lavonne; Instructor Office: 024-0125

Phone: (509) 533-3912

Email: Lavonne.Weller@sfcc.spokane.edu

Intro to Lit English 101 English 101
Hello! I have been teaching composition and literature at SFCC since 1993 (about the time that picture of me was taken). I earned my BA in secondary education and my MA in English with an emphasis on American literature from EWU. I live in Spokane with my husband, who is an English professor at EWU. Our nest is now empty; three grown boys live on the west side of the state, one daughter is living in Spokane and raising our grandson Tye, and one daughter is finishing her BA at WSU. My non-school-related activities are varied and random. Along with the expected "English teacher-y" things like reading and writing, I enjoy making stuff -- I spent a summer embossing sheets of copper that became the coolest kitchen ceiling this side of, well, anywhere; I once attended a weekend workshop on wood carving and then set immediately to designing and hand-carving a king-sized headboard (it took me five summers to finish, but some things just can't be rushed). Teaching, too, is a creative activity for me. I'm always trying to bring something new and fun to my classes. Join me in a comp class and learn why penguins should not be allowed to drive!

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Williamson, Barbara; Instructor

Williamson, Barbara; Instructor Office: 024-0339

Phone: (509) 533-4507

Email: Barbara.Williamson@sfcc.spokane.edu

English 101--Composition--Spring 08
I am a proud community college graduate, having received my A.A. degree from Western Nevada Community College. After that, I earned a B.A. and an M.A. in English at the University of Nevada (go Wolf Pack!). After receiving my degrees, I taught at UNR as well as at surrounding community colleges. Wanting still more education (and yes, folks have called me crazy), I went to the University of Nebraska (go Huskers!) where I earned a Ph.D. in English with emphasis in Popular Culture, specifically film (I'm a fool for really bad Hollywood action movies), women's literature, and 20th century American and Canadian literatures. After teaching at UNL, I knew I wanted to return to community college and to the west, and thus here I am. I believe teaching at a community college is an act of revolution, that my students are incredibly brave and intelligent and will someday take over the world, and that literature, which teaches us how to be human, is a force for good in an often troubled world. In my spare time, I love to read, watch movies, cheer on my favorite college football teams, play board games with friends, and go out to eat. I teach mostly American literature, although I also teach film, women's literature, introduction to literature, and composition. I love what I do, and I expect my students to be as passionate about their education as I am. Track me down and let's talk about your favorite book, your favorite film, and how you are changing your world.

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Young, Tana; Faculty - Adjunct

Young, Tana; Faculty - Adjunct Office: 005-0127

Phone: (509) 533-3427

Email: Tana.Young@sfcc.spokane.edu

Tana holds an AAS from SFCC in Graphic Design, Illustration minor; a BA from Whitworth University in English: Writing and Literature, Art History minor; a MFA from Eastern Washington University in Creative Writing: Poetry emphasis, Creative Nonfiction minor; and an MA from Eastern Illinois University in Composition/Rhetoric: Creative Writing Pedagogy.

Tana's favorite classes to teach are those where the students love learning and take control of their learning. These students impact everyone around them and help create the optimum learning environment.

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