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American Homestay Opportunities

Most international students at SFCC have the opportunity to experience American life by living with a local family. Talking, eating, celebrating, having good times, and going places with your American family enhances your language learning and provides you with valuable intercultural experiences that help you succeed in the ESL classes, college classes and beyond.

Student Experiences

"My host family took me to California last month, and that was really wonderful. We went to Disneyland, Universal studios, Sea world and San Diego Wild animals park. When we waited for the shuttle to the Disneyland, we met a girl who came from Malaysia. We invited here to join us because she was alone, so we had a great time together. Sea World was really fascinating. We watched the 'Killer Whale' show, dolphin show and seal show. The dolphin was splashing on us, and that was so funny. I love to travel."

~ Felicia (Fall 2008)
"My home in America makes me feel like to dream. First, my home has a big garden. My home is located in the forest, so there are many tall trees and animals. Specially, many squirels and deer pass the forest, so I always see them. I sometimes put corn for the deer in the box, and deer eat it at midnight. I like the kitchen and coffee bar in the house, too. When I am in the kitchen, I can talk with my host mom while we enjoy coffee. I almost have this time everyday. Finally, I have a very good host family. Mom, Dad, Teresa and Cassie are nice people. They always make me feel like a princess. My host mom calls me princess everyday. They do everything what I want to do, so I always feel comfortable. Teresa and Cassie are good American sister. When I asked help, they help me anything. As a result, my home in America makes me always happy. In fact, I feel so 'at home' that, I don’t miss Korea yet."

~ Narae (Winter 2008)
"Actually I didn’t like coffee before I came to Spokane. I could only drink a cup of white chocolate mocha in the Starbucks. But, now I drink coffee every morning. I guess I like coffee. First, I started to drink it for waking me up. A cup of coffee was really helpful. I became necessary for my daily life. I have heard 'a cup of coffee should be brewed by someone because it’s tastier than your own.' I heard that in a movie I love, so I try to brew coffee in the morning before my host mother wakes up. Today’s coffee was brewed by my host mother. I’m relaxed and I want to stay here all day long. I love winter drinks from my American mom."

~ Tomoyo (Fall 2008)


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