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The Intensive English Language Program (IELP) helps students to increase their English skills quickly, so that they can begin taking regular academic classes at either Spokane Falls Community College or Spokane Community College. The IELP includes 4 levels with integrated instruction in reading, vocabulary development, writing, research techniques, grammar, listening, speaking and pronunciation in each class. All instruction is by SFCC faculty, and all instructors have Masters degree or Doctorates degrees.

The special English in Action course provides students with the opportunity to use English in exciting situations. In this college-level class, students may create a film, a newsletter, a memory book, a business or a music website while gaining valuable experiences both on and off campus.

Graduates of the Intensive English Language Program have gone on to participate in student government at the college and have been accepted into Bachelor and Master’s degree programs at North American universities. Those who returned home after their ESL studies have secured employment in their profession of choice. More...

The IELP Program offers students:

  • Four levels of study
  • The best computer language center available anywhere in Washington
  • Classes held on-campus, with instructions by regular SFCC faculty
  • ESL students are part of the regular student population, and can join in all student activities, including the International Club, the Peer Mentor Program, and any of the 30 other student clubs on campus.
  • Upon completion of the ESL program, students receive an unconditional acceptance to both Spokane Falls Community College and Spokane Community College without having to submit a TOEFL score.
  • A dynamic learning experience, in a pleasant and secure environment.

IELP classes are held on the SFCC campus. The student's program in the IELP begins upon arrival to campus. At that time, the student is administered a language placement examination that measures their English language ability in two primary areas: listening comprehension and reading comprehension. Currently, the IELP is using the Secondary Level English Proficiency Test (SLEP) as placement examination.

Students who complete the IELP program and the Associate of Arts degree at Spokane Community College will be offered a guaranteed transfer to one of SFCC's five university partners.

Program Brochures

Program Details

20 hours per week:
  • 15 credits of integrated core classes, combining reading, vocabulary development, writing, research techniques, grammar, listening, speaking and pronunciation in each class. – Learn the skills you need to become proficient in English and successful in any academic setting.
  • 5-credit project-based class, English in Action, applies to the AA degree. – Use all your English language skills in the classroom, on campus and in the community in a new project each quarter.
Four levels:
  • 50-level: high beginner
  • 60-level: lower intermediate
  • 70-level: intermediate
  • 80-level: upper intermediate/advanced

Program Classes

Interactive and communicative classes

  • Talk with classmates and instructors about what you are reading, writing and listening to every day. Give presentations, debate, solve problems and learn strategies for successful interaction in college classes and professional settings.
  • Blog in English, create class websites, write online journals, and listen to/watch internet videos.
  • Practice speaking and listening to classmates from around the world. The IELP has hosted students from Brazil, Japan, Chile, South Korea, Mexico, the Ukraine, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Germany, Benin, Ghana etc
  • All English language classes are held in classrooms with internet access, projectors, and DVD/CD players.
  • Practice what you learn in class in the language learning computer center. State-of-the-art software programs help students increase vocabulary, improve pronunciation, develop reading speed and comprehension, and offer students the opportunity to apply English grammar in a variety of situations.

Program Tuition

Tuition for the IELP is $2,960

IELP Instructors

Welcome to the SFCC and the City of Spokane. We’re glad you chose SFCC’s Intensive English Language Program for your English studies, and we know you will be pleased with how quickly your English skills will improve. We look forward to meeting and greeting you here in beautiful Spokane.

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Students in the ESL Program at SFCC become immersed in American life through:

  • Homestay Family experiences
  • The International Peer Mentor Program
  • SFCC clubs and student activities
  • Participation in the Spokane community

Student Experiences

"Today I joined Anime club at 11:30. It was so fun! When I went to Anime club, I was surprised because there were many Americans in a room, and also some Americans brought their note computer. I thought they are 'otaku'. Do you know what 'otaku' means? It means people who nuts about animation or computer or something like that. These Americans know 'otaku' meaning. Anyway we watched Japanese animation. I want to go to Anime club next week again. I like I can join club at SFCC."

~ Ayako (Fall 2008)

Join a club and make friends while practicing your English! SFCC has many clubs: the International Club, Anime Club, the Graphic Design Club, the Drama club, Photograph club, Spanish club, the Earth Club and many more.

International Students

Most international students at SFCC have the opportunity to experience American life by living with a local family. Talking, eating, celebrating, having good times, and going places with your American family enhances your language learning and provides you with valuable intercultural experiences that help you succeed in the ESL classes, college classes and beyond.

Student Experiences

"My host family took me to California last month, and that was really wonderful. We went to Disneyland, Universal Studios, Sea World and San Diego wild animals park.
  •
    • "When we waited for the shuttle to the Disneyland, we met a girl who came from Malaysia. We invited here to join us because she was alone, so we had a great time together. Sea World was really fascinating. We watched the 'Killer Whale' show, dolphin show and seal show. The dolphin was splashing on us, and that was so funny. I love to travel."

~ Felicia (Fall 2008)
"My home in America makes me feel like to dream. First, my home has a big garden. My home is located in the forest, so there are many tall trees and animals. Specially, many squirels and deer pass the forest, so I always see them.
  •
    • "I sometimes put corn for the deer in the box, and deer eat it at midnight. I like the kitchen and coffee bar in the house, too. When I am in the kitchen, I can talk with my host mom while we enjoy coffee. I almost have this time everyday. Finally, I have a very good host family. Mom, Dad, Teresa and Cassie are nice people. They always make me feel like a princess. My host mom calls me princess everyday. They do everything what I want to do, so I always feel comfortable. Teresa and Cassie are good American sister. When I asked help, they help me anything. As a result, my home in America makes me always happy. In fact, I feel so 'at home' that, I don’t miss Korea yet."

~ Narae (Winter 2008)
"Actually I didn’t like coffee before I came to Spokane. I could only drink a cup of white chocolate mocha in the Starbucks. But, now I drink coffee every morning.
  •
    • "I guess I like coffee. First, I started to drink it for waking me up. A cup of coffee was really helpful. I became necessary for my daily life. I have heard 'a cup of coffee should be brewed by someone because it's tastier than your own.' I heard that in a movie I love, so I try to brew coffee in the morning before my host mother wakes up. Today's coffee was brewed by my host mother. I'm relaxed and I want to stay here all day long. I love winter drinks from my American mom."

~ Tomoyo (Fall 2008)

Students in the ESL Program at SFCC become immersed in American life through the International Peer Mentor Program. Meet with an American student regularly to exchange ideas about life in the U.S. and in your country. Go out for coffee, see a movie, go skating or just hang out. You will pick up slang and idioms while becoming more comfortable understanding modern American English. Participation in the Peer Mentor program is an integral part of both the IELP and the Bridge Program classes.

Student Experiences

"Today I met peer-mentor, Kaylene. Today was the last day of the peer-mentor meeting, because next week is the vacation. I wondered that time is too fast. This quarter will almost finish. I will miss my peer-mentor during vacation. Anyway we went downtown, and we ate some cakes and tea in the Davenport hotel. My peer-mentor is working that hotel, so we went there. The hotel was build 100 years ago, so it looked nice and old. We ate a German chocolate cake. It was very delicious. The taste was sweet and soft, so we satisfied about the cake. Moreover, I drank an orange tea, and my peer-mentor drank a black tea. I have drank the first time. It was little strange for me, but I drank all of it. Then, we went to Manito Park. Kaylene explained about the park for me. It was interesting because the park is very big and beautiful. I thought, 'I will come again.' The meeting was fun!"

~ Haemin (Fall 2008)
"Today is International Peer Mentor first meeting. I met my peer mentors, Amanda and Caroline, and they asked some questions about Taiwan’s culture. When I told them that if a woman married a guy who is the first son, or first grandson of the family, and she had to live with her mother-in-laws and grandmother-in-laws, and they will have many problems in this big family. My peer mentors were surprised about the marriage style in Taiwan. My peer mentors are very kindly and be patient to me. By the way, I loved the free pizza!"

~ Felicia (Fall 2008)

Meet some of our students, and hear what they have to say about the ESL program at Spokane Falls Community College. And learn more about life on campus and in the City of Spokane.

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"Making friends and dreaming together, come here and make your dreams the same as me."

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