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NEW "MyMath Test" Activation Instructions

Exciting changes have come to the SFCC Testing Center to help make math placement testing more accessible and less burdensome for students!


CURRENT students can now request either first time activation, or re-activation into the MyMath Test program using an online form.

Within 2 business days, the request will be processed and students will be directed to view an online Activation Seminar presentation.

NEW students now complete their English and math placement tests at their initial testing appointment.

The previously scheduled on-ground seminars on March 6 (9:30 am OR 11:30am) remain an option for students who wish to attend. No appointment is necessary. (30-103)


Once activated, students still have 16-weeks to access UNLIMITED practice tests and TWO chances to attempt the placement test.

Drop-in testing sessions will continue to be offered at least once a week, throughout the year.

The $30 placement testing fee still applies to all new activations and reactivations

Payments can be made in person with the cashiers in Building 17, or over the phone by calling (509) 533-3569.

*Running Start students can still activate their first MyMath Test program at any point during their time at SFCC under their initial $30 placement testing fee. Any subsequent re-activations will incur an additional $30 fee.

FREE Peer Tutoring is available in 30-115 for assistance with MyMath Test prep!

For students who prefer the traditional classroom Activation Seminars, we will continue to offer 1-2 sessions per month.

Thank you for your patience as we put the finishing touches on this new system. Please feel free to contact the SFCC Testing Center with any questions or concerns!


For more information, call 509-533-3401
CCS Launches Presidential Search for SCC
Community Colleges of Spokane has begun recruitment for a President for Spokane Community College. Current President Scott Morgan will be retiring in July 2015. The nationwide recruitment officially started on Jan. 9, 2015. To find out more about the recruitement timeline and process, as well as the position itself, please visit the SCC Presidential Search webpage.
Date Event Time/Location
3/2Current Student Spring Registration Begins for students with 0-29 credits
3/34-yr Transfer Rep from EWU
Sponsored by Counseling
8:30 AM - 2:00 PM
Building 30 - Transfer Office Room 116
3/44-yr Transfer Rep from WGU
Sponsored by Counseling
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Building 30 - Transfer Office Room 116
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